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Information Management Institute

23rd Annual

February 5-7, 2014

Riviera Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada

sponsored by

Information Management Institute, Inc.

Conference Focus

IMI's unique annual Ink Jet Printing Conference is the only U.S. ink jet printing industry event devoted entirely to ink jet printing technologies, markets and applications. Ink jet printing continues to make technology advancements in product functionality, cost performance, print quality and nonprinting/deposition capabilities. Such improvements have made ink jet printing the leading digital printing technology with expansion into many new markets and applications. In addition to traditional personal and office computer printing; applications such as display graphics, materials deposition, digital photography, digital printing presses, multifunction printers, printable electronics, 3D modeling, biomedical, textile printing, packaging printing and many other specialty printing and nonprinting applications are increasingly using ink jet as the technology of choice. As ink jet printing becomes a manufacturing tool as well as a printing technology, market opportunities have never been better, albeit in a very competitive environment.

With the rapid technology developments, applications expansion and increasing market potential; it is all the more important for you to keep up to date to maximize your participation and profitability in the ink jet industry. IMI's conference program is designed to bring together the ink jet industry's leading experts to provide a comprehensive assessment of the ink jet printing industry. The program addresses the most recent innovations, trends and issues critical to continued adoption, growth and expansion of ink jet printing applications and markets. As ink jet printing continues to increase market share in numerous application sectors; IMI's 23rd Annual Ink Jet Printing Conference provides a unique opportunity for representatives from all segments of the printing industry to obtain information critical to their understanding of ink jet printing technology and market dynamics that are shaping the industry's future.

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  • Participate in the only 2014 U.S. conference program devoted solely to ink jet technology, applications and markets

  • Explore the key issues important to your understanding of ink jet printing with your counterparts from all sectors of the ink jet printing industry

  • Establish personal contacts with leading technologists, managers and innovators in the ink jet printing industry

  • Gain knowledge on the latest ink and media developments and consumables market opportunities

  • Learn from interactive sessions and informal discussions of technology trends, applications developments and other aspects of ink jet printing

  • Obtain critical insights into technological, application and market developments critical to your company's decision making process relative to ink jet printing and its role in the overall printer marketplace

  • Hear industry expert's projections for ink jet printing's opportunities in traditional and growth markets

  • Have a complimentary display space to inform the industry of your products and services

  • Give a five minute presentation during the popular Suppliers' Forum

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    Conference Co-Chairman
    Dr. Ross N. Mills, Vexajet
    Mike Willis, Pivotal Resources
    Conference Speakers
    Paul Best, ImageXpert
    Lawrence Gamblin, Collins Inkjet Corporation
    Mark Hanley, I.T. Strategies
    Dr. Alan L. Hudd, Alchemie Technology
    David Johnson, Integration Technology
    Peter Kearney, BDT
    Laura Kitzmann, Industrial Inkjet Ltd.
    Dr. John J. Kuta, BDT
    Dr. Kock-Yee Law, Research and Innovative Solutions
    Liz Logue, EFI
    Chris Lynn, Prototype & Production Systems, Inc
    Hannah O'Brien, Independent Consultant
    Mike Raymond, Digital Ink Systems Corporation
    Martin Schoeppler, Fujifilm Dimatix
    Dene Taylor, SPF-Inc.
    Dr. Joseph E Ward, RJA Dispersions

    IMI 23rd Ink Jet Printing Conference 2014

    23rd Annual Ink Jet Printing Conference
    February 5-7, 2013
    Riviera Hotel & Casino
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Topic Coverage and Schedule

      Wednesday, February 5, 2014

      11:00 a.m.Conference Registration

      1:30 p.m.Opening Session - The Expanding Ink Jet Industry

    Alvin G. Keene, President, Information Management Institute, Inc., Carrabassett Valley, Maine
    Dr. Ross N. Mills, President, Vexajet, Boulder, Colorado
    Mike Willis, Managing Director, Pivotal Resources, Cambridge, England

    Ink Jet As A Manufacturing Process
    Dr. Ross N. Mills, President, Vexajet, Boulder, Colorado

    • Is Ink Jet the Right Technology for My Application?
    • Bringing the Printing World to Digital Fabrication
    • Functional Printing vs. Digital Fabrication
    • Specific Requirements that Make Ink Jet Hard to Do
    • Is Ink Jet a Complete, Partial or Partially Complete Solution?
    • The Future for Ink Jet & Digital Fabrication

    Nanotechnology for Digital Printing
    Dr. Kock-Yee Law, Founder & CEO, Research and Innovative Solutions, Rochester, New York

    • What is Nanotechnology? Economics & Social Impacts
    • Advances in Carbon Nanotubes, Graphenes, Nanoparticles, Nanowires & Nanocomposities
    • Nanostructural Surfaces & Coatings
    • Opportunities for Digital Printing
    • Printing & Printer Development with Nanomaterials

    Ink Jet's Path to Mainstream Production Markets
    Mark Hanley, President, I.T. Strategies, Hanover, Massachusetts

    • Progress in Major Markets
    • Ceramics
    • Textiles
    • Offset & Graphic Arts
    • Industrial, Label, Packaging, Decorative, 3D, etc.

    SUPPLIERS' FORUM Session 1: 5-Minute Presentations Related To Technology, Capabilities, Services, New Product Introductions, etc. The Suppliers' Forum is open to all Conference Registrants (1st 15 Sign-ups in Session 1 - Additional in Session 2). For additional information or to sign up, contact Al Keene al@imiconf.com or check off box on Registration Form.

      6:00 p.m. Networking Reception in Display Area

      Thursday, February 6, 2014

      8:30 a.m.Session 2 - Technology Advancements

    SAMBA™ Piezo MEMS Technology Ushers in a New Era of Ink Jet Digital Printing
    Martin Schoeppler, President & CEO, Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc., Santa Clara, California
    • SAMBA™ Ink Jet Technology & Capability
    • SAMBA™ Printhead Family Design Space
    • Ink & System Requirements for Robust Operation
    • Product Offerings for Evaluation, Integration & Print Process Development
    • Target Applications & Markets

    Ink Jet Accelerates into New Industrial Applications
    Dr. Alan L. Hudd, Director and Founder, Alchemie Technology, Cambridge, UK

    • From Textiles to Solar the Ink Jet Landscape: An Overview
    • Success & Opportunities for Ink Jet
    • Key Technology Considerations for Successful Implementation
    • Industrial Printhead Developments
    • Competing & Complementary Technologies
    • Market Drivers for Adoption

    UV Arc or LED? - It's Your Choice
    David Johnson, Sales Director, Integration Technology Ltd, Upper Heyford, Oxforshire, UK

    • Basic Principles & Differences between UV Arc & UV LED Technologies
    • Understanding the Terminology & What you Need to Know
    • Criteria for Selecting between a UV Arc or UV LED Solution
    • Market Needs

    Digital Media Handling On Demand: An Enabler for Print on Demand
    Dr. John J. Kuta, Director of Sales & Marketing North America & Peter Kearney, Project Manager Innovation, BDT Media Automation GmbH, Rottweil, Germany

    • Substrate Materials & Formats have Exploded with Widespread Adoption of On Demand Ink Jet Printing
    • Traditional Media Handling Systems Challenged by "Digital Media Handling" Requirements
    • Digital Media Handling = Ability to Efficiently & Effectively Manage Wide Range of Substrate Materials in Single Print Engine or Print Process Line
    • How Existing & New Media Handling Solutions can Rise to the Challenge & Enable Versatile Print on Demand Systems
    • Creating Solutions for On-press & True In-line Post Press Workflows

     12:00 Noon Luncheon

      1:30 p.m.Session 3 - Consumables: Lifeblood of the Industry

    Nano-Pigment Dispersions for Emerging Ink Jet Applications
    Dr. Joseph E. Ward, Vice President Marketing, RJA Dispersions, Hudson, Wisconsin
    • High Quality Dispersions are Fundamental Building Blocks for Innovative New Ink Jet Inks
    • Applications for Nano-dispersions are Everywhere
      - Wide Format Ink Jet
      - Films, Textiles, Containers, Ceramic Tiles & Irregular Objects
      - In Line Labeling
      - Emerging In Line Printing Presses
      - Other Applications Requiring Transparency: Films, Packaging, etc.
    • New Ink Jet Systems Demand Ever Increasing Quality from its Inks - and the Underlying Dispersions
    • How do Developers know how to Evaluate & Use Dispersions to Create Inks & Coatings To Meet their Objectives?
      -Stability, Viscosity, Flexibility, Transparency, Filterability
    • Choices Developers Need to Make & How to Verify Suitability
      - Aqueous, Solvent or UV Curable
      - Choices of Monomers for Properties
      - Choices of Pigments for Durability, Transparency, Color Space, etc.
      - Evaluation of Pigment Dispersions for Stability, Viscosity & Filterability
    • Examples of Dispersions & their Technical Parameters to Meet Key Applications in the Printing & Manufacturing Marketplaces

    New Ink-on-Demand & On-Site Paradigm Provides High Quality at Lower Cost
    Mike Raymond, Global Marketing and Business Development, Digital Ink Systems Corporation, Newark, Delaware

    • Digital Transformation has taken over the World
      - But Digital Printing Penetration is Small
      - Digital Printing has Tremendous Growth Potential
    • Why is Digital Printing such a Small Proportion of Global Industrial Printing?
    • How can the Transformation to Digital Printing Accelerate?
    • Introducing DISC – Automated Ink Management System
      - Meters, Mixes & Dispenses Ink for Use in Industrial Digital Printing
      - Ultrasonic Mixing Technology
      - Centralized Database Allows Monitoring, Forecasting & Supply Chain Management
      - Allows Customers to Purchase Components & Produce Ink On-Demand & On-Site
      - Cost to Print Reductions Can Exceed 50%
    • Target Applications Presently Provide High Volume Printing Services & are Converting Analog to Digital Processes
      - Textile Mills
      - Print Providers
      - Brand Owners with Internal Print Operations

    Innovative Ink Jet Analysis Systems for R&D and Production
    Paul Best, Engineer, ImageXpert, Nashua, New Hampshire

    • Ink Jet Analysis: Step by Stp
    • New Complete Solution for Ink Jet Development
      - Drop in Flight Visualization & Analysis
      - Drop Weigh Station
      - Print Station
    • New: JetXpert Surface: for Visualizing Drop Impact on Substrate
    • Machine Vision Inspection including Print Quality Analysis
    • JetXpert OEM for in-situ Analysis

    Alternative Ink Jet Ink Development Model
    Lawrence Gamblin, President, Collins Inkjet Corporation, Cincinnati, Ohio

    • Premise: To Become a Major Competitor to Traditional Print, Ink Jet Printer & Consumables Companies Need to Look at How Traditional Printer & Consumable Manufacturers Operate in Target Markets
    • Background
      - Proliferation of New Printers from Wide Range of Manufacturers (4 color presses, imprinting solutions, etc.)
      - Most Manufacturers have Limited Ink Sets (Less Product Differentiation & Slows Adoption Rate
      - If Ink Jet is going to Expand there is a Need for Expansion of Application Space, Lower Cost Models & More Efficient Support Mechanism
    • Standard Development Model used by most companies: Customer & Printhead Manufacturer/Original Equipment Manufacturer (PM/OEM) Work Together, Create Product, Go To Market
      - Positives: High Reliability, Reduced Need for Support
      - Negatives: Limited Application Space, Customers Know What They Want, Timeliness, Real World Statistics, etc.
    • Compare to Customer Focused Models: Customer & Ink Provider Work Together to Create Ink Solution, Ink is Validated by PM/OEM after Proven Solution is Created, Royalty Paid by ink supplier to PM/OEM -Ink Supplier's Hippocratic Oath
      - Positives: Expanded Application Space, More Printers Sold, All Interests Aligned, Reduces Validation Testing by PM/OEM, Extensive Reliability Statistics, etc.
      - Negatives: PM/OEM feel Loss of Absolute Control, PM/OEM Problems Reconciliation, New Model with Existing Supply Contracts
    • What do Customers Want?
      - Print Wide Range of Jobs in Cost Effective Manner
      - Service & Support
      - The Press has to Run
      - Ability to Find New Markets & Niches where the Bold Customer can realize Higher Profit Margins
      - Customer is More Motivated to pursue New Market Opportunities than OEM
      - Don't want to be Locked In
    • Examples of Opportunities
      - Anti-counterfeit Checks/Documents/Packaging/etc.
      - Household Good: Consumer Products & Home Décor
      - Medical Applications

    SUPPLIERS' FORUM Session 2: 5-Minute Presentations Related To Technology, Capabilities, Services, New Product Introductions, etc. The Suppliers' Forum is open to all Conference Registrants. For additional information or to sign up, contact Al Keene al@imiconf.com or check off box on Registration Form.

      6:00 p.m. Networking Reception in Display Area

      Friday, February 7, 2014

      8:30 a.m.Session 4 - Integration & Implementation for Real World Applications

    Creating Successful Ink Jet Solutions through Collaborative Development Relationships
    Hannah O'Brien, Independent Consultant, Cambridge, UK
    • Ink Jet Supply Chain: An Overview
    • Applications & Opportunity for the Technology
    • Overcoming Barriers to Adoption
    • Developing Collaborative Partnerships to Deliver Success
    • What's Next for Ink Jet?

    Ceramic Tiles: A Story of Success & A Sea of Challenges
    Liz Logue, Director of Corporate Business Development, EFI, Foster City, California

    • History of Ink Jet & Ceramic Tiles
    • Technical Challenges
    • Market Challenges
    • Driving Adoption of Ink Jet
    • The Future of the Market

    3D Printing: Possibilities and Production
    Dr. Dene H. Taylor, SPF-Inc. New Hope, Pennnsylvania

    • 3D Printing has the World's Attention for Beauty & Function
      - Distinguishing between Additive Manufacturing & Product Decoration
      - Can Produce Structures Previously Not Possible
      - Can Produce Limited Runs in Hours vs. Days for Traditional Methods
    • Ink Jet Technologies
      - Systems for Very Small to Very Large
      - With UV Cure Inks, Sizable Range of Polymers Available
      - Aqueous Inks in Combination with Layered Powders Produce both Positive & Negative Structures
      - Much Development Underway
    • Quality Management
      - Products/Parts Must Perform Comparably to Traditional Production Methods
      - How can Operator Produce Quality Item on First Attempt?
    • Examples from Art & Industry
      - Structures & Functions
      - Graphic Arts & the 3rd Dimension

    Single-Pass Inkjet Technology for Late-Stage Product & Package Customization
    Chris Lynn, VP Sales & Marketing, Prototype & Production Systems, Inc.., Plymouth, Minnesota

    • Industrial Strength Inkjet Technology has Historically been Confined to
      - Product Coding: High Speed but Not High Print Quality
      - Signage: High Print Quality but Not High Speed
    • Recent Printhead & Ink Technologies that have Enabled High Quality Graphics Digitally Printed at Production Speeds on
      - Labels
      - Packaging
      - Direct to Products
    • Providing Added Marketing Value & Supply Chain Benefits

    Why Use Labels When You Can Print Direct? Direct Product Decoration Using Ink Jet
    Laura Kitzmann, Business Development Manager, Industrial Inkjet Ltd., Denver, Colorado

    • Decision Driver
      - Economics of Direct Product Decoration vs. Labels
      - 3D Shapes
    • Performance Limitations
    • Process Development & Samples
    • Regulatory Concerns
    • The Integration

     1:00 p.m. Adjournment

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