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September 8-9, 2010

Sheraton Baltimore City Center
Baltimore, Maryland

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Now in its 9th year, IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2010 is IMI's unique program concept designed to enable current and potential ink jet printing system developers, integrators and users to obtain detailed technical information and establish professional working relationships with base ink jet printing technology providers (printheads, inks, curing systems, chemicals & materials, system integrators, instrumentation, etc.)

IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2010 program features:

Industry Overviews: Hear a range of invited experts give keynote presentations discussing how new applications and markets are offering exciting new opportunities for ink jet technology.

Supplier Presentations: Leading suppliers of printheads, hardware, inks, media or other components/services to the ink jet industry present their company's products and services to a wide range of developers, integrators and end users.

Ink Jet Tech Talks

Keynote Presentations

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Developers Fair: Ink jet industry suppliers feature their latest product and service offerings during conference breaks, lunches and evening receptions. Exhibits enable making those important first contacts, catch up on the latest developments and view timely product displays.

Ink Jet Tech Talks: Added Feature - a series of optional tutorials at no extra cost for registrants to IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2010. Listen to ink jet experts discuss some of the latest scientific findings and techniques - information that you can use immediately!

Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2010

IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2010
program will provide:
  • Exhibits by key ink jet printing technology suppliers

  • Industry overviews of technology and markets by acknowledged experts

  • Ink Jet Tech Talks giving you hints and tips to improve your products

  • Keynote Presentations from Industry Experts and Major End-Users

Technology Suppliers exhibiting and speaking at this year's programs include:
Alio Industries
American Ink Jet
Amica Systems
Bekaert Corporation
Bühler AG
Collins Ink
D & K Engineering
Fujifilm Imaging Colorants
Fujifilm Dimatix
Global Inkjet Systems
Integration Technology
Integrity Integration
Pivotal Resources
Sensient Imaging
Xennia Technology

  • Reference binder & CD-ROM containing technology suppliers presentation notes

  • Complete contact information for technology supplier companies

  • The Numbers: Worldwide Printer and Supplies Market Report Distributed on CD to all Attendees

  • Networking opportunities with all categories of ink jet printing professionals

  • Opportunities for privately scheduled meetings to discuss your specific needs & requirements with technology supplier companies' representatives at the conference

  • Technology supplier presentations highlighting their technologies capabilities, applications, advantages, etc.

Ink Jet Tech Talks Speakers
Rich Baker, Integrity Industrial Ink Jet Integration
Dr. Kay Yeong, Xennia Technology Ltd.
Victor P. Janule, Chem-Dyne Research Corporation
Mike Willis, Pivotal Resources

Speakers' Biographies

Keynote Speakers
Marco Boer, I.T. Strategies
Dr. Paul Calvert, Univ. of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
Steve Duccilli, Industrial + Specialty Printing Magazine
Robert Leahey, InfoTrends
David Savastano, Printed Electronics Now & Ink World

Never before has there been an opportunity to review and evaluate ink jet printing technology options in such a cost effective and timely manner. If you have considered visiting just the major ink jet printhead companies (or ink companies or media companies, etc.) you know that you can easily spend man-weeks or man-months of time accomplishing such an information gathering process. Now, IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2010 enables you to obtain up-to-date information and contacts critical to your future ink jet printing technology endeavors.

Participation in IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2010 could well be the most productive week ever in your efforts to utilize ink jet printing technology in your company 's future.

Becoming a Technology Supplier Participant

In the past eight years IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase has become the leading forum where industry suppliers meet developers.

If you would like to become a Technology Supplier (have a display and give a 15 minute presentation on your products and services) at IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase, Click here for complete information or Register Now as a Technology Supplier.

Becoming a Media Partner

Our Media Partners Program is designed to work with relevant publications to increase exposure for both IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase and the participating publications.

If you would like to receive information about how to become a Media Partner for IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase, please request details via email from Al Keene

Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2010
September 8-9, 2010
Sheraton Baltimore City Center
Baltimore, Maryland

Ink Jet Tech Talks

  Wednesday, September 8, 2010

  8:00 a.m.Ink Jet Tech Talks & Supplier Registration

  8:30 a.m. Ink Jet Tech Talks: A series of tutorials at no extra cost for registrants to IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2010. Listen to ink jet experts discuss some of the latest scientific findings and techniques - information that you can use immediately!

Rich Baker , President, Integrity Industrial Ink Jet Integration, West Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA

Rich Baker, Integrity Industrial Ink Jet Integration
  • Understanding the Principles of Ink Jet
  • Determining the Right Ink & Process
  • Integrating to the Application Specific Requirements
  • Tuning the System to the Application
  • Making Economic Success: Cost Drivers & Running Costs
  • Success = Implemented Application that Benefits All Parties: Client, Ink & Printhead Companies and the Integrator

Dr. Kay Yeong, Technical Inkjet Accounts Manager, Xennia Technology Ltd., Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK

Dr. Kay Yeong, Xennia Technology Ltd.
  • Initial Ink Trials - What to Look for & How to Select the Best Ink
  • Ink Testing Methodologies
  • Typical Test Equipment & Set-Up
    - Characterization
    - Print Quality Analysis
  • It Doesn't Jet - Is it the Ink or Printhead?
  • Differences Between Thermal & Piezo Ink Testing
    Victor P. Janule, Founder & President, Chem-Dyne Research Corporation, SensaDyne Instrument Division, Mesa, Arizona, USA

    Victor P. Janule, Chem-Dyne Research Corporation, SensaDyne Instrument Division
    • Ink formulators & Users must understand Principles & Relationships of Surface Tension & Surface Energy or "Wetting Tension"
    • Formulation & Coating Problems can be greatly mitigated by Measuring Dynamic Surface Tension Fingerprints
    • Ink Formulators can Improve Transfer, Spreading & Adhesion of inks by choosing Surfactant & Additive Combinations that provide the Best Surface Tension Profiles
    • Methodology for Obtaining & Utilizing Dynamic Fingerprints

    Mike Willis, Managing Director, Pivotal Resources, Cambridge, UK

    Mike Willis, Pivotal Resources
  • Why do Nozzles get Dirty?
  • How Does this Affect Jetting Performance?
  • Cleaning Methods
    - Wiping with Blades or Belts
    - Purging
    - Washing
    - New Ideas from Patent Literature
  • Why Automate?
  •   12:00 NoonTech Talks Adjourn

    Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2010
    September 8-9, 2010
    Sheraton Baltimore City Center
    Baltimore, Maryland

    Keynote Presentations

      Wednesday, September 8, 2010

      1:00 p.m.Opening Session

      1:15 p.m. KEYNOTE PRESENTATION 1

    Introduction to Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2010
    Alvin G. Keene, President, Information Management Institute, Inc., Carrabassett Valley, Maine, USA
    Showcase Chairman: Mike Willis, Managing Director, Pivotal Resources & IMI Europe, Cambridge, UK

    Marco Boer, Vice President, I.T. Strategies, Hanover, Massachusetts, USA
    Marco Boer, I.T. Strategies
  • Where Ink Jet Is Now
  • Introduction of New Products at IPEX & FESPA
  • What Ink Jet Cannot Yet Do
  • What We Should Expect
  • When We Should Expect It
  •   4:45 p.m. KEYNOTE PRESENTATION 2

    Steve Duccilli, Publisher, Industrial + Specialty Printing Magazine, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
    Steve Duccilli, Industrial + Specialty Printing Magazine
    • Where the Print isn't the Product Sold, but rather a Key Step in Manufacturing Something Else
    • A Myriad of Applications & Markets that encompass Decorative Work as well as Deposition of Functional Coatings that play a Critical Role in the Performance of the End Product
    • An Already Massive Opportunity that will Grow Exponentially due to a Variety of Compelling Market Drivers
    • Why Industrial Ink Jet Printing is still in its Infancy: the Image Processes it strives to Replace, Challenges in Supplanting them, Early Successes & Signs of Progress Ahead

     5:30 - 7:00 p.m. Reception in Exhibit Area

      Thursday, September 9, 2010

      9:00 a.m. KEYNOTE PRESENTATION 3

    Robert Leahey, Associate Director, Color Digital Label and Packaging Service, InfoTrends, Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA
    Robert Leahey, InfoTrends
    • Role of High End Ink Jet Presses such as Agfa, Durst, EFI Jetrion & Others
    • Converting of Labels & Packaging - Mainly for Fast Moving Consumer Goods: North America, Europe & Beyond
    • Market Size & Forecast Data
    • Key Trends & Insights
    • Competitive Electrophotographic Systems & Their Prospects

      1:30 p.m. KEYNOTE PRESENTATION 4

    Dr. Paul Calvert, Professor, Materials & Textiles Dept. & Associate Dean of Engineering, Univ. of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA
    Dr. Paul Calvert, Univ. of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
    • Medical & Biotechnology Applications of Ink Jet
    • Ink Jet Printing of Biopolymers & Cells
    • Bionic Devices
    • Printed Self-Assembled Hydrogels as Tissue Mimics

      4:45 p.m. KEYNOTE PRESENTATION 5

    David Savastano, Editor, Printed Electronics Now & Ink World, Rodman Publishing, Ramsey, New Jersey, USA
    David Savastano, Printed Electronics Now & Ink World
    • The Intersection of Printing & Electronics: Two Extremely Large Industries
    • Simple Concept: Printed Electronics Less Costly & More Efficient to Produce
    • Currently Estimated to be $1.6 Billion Business
    • Projected 2027 Business of $330 Billion: Even 50% of that would be Huge
    • Key Applications: Displays & Lighting, eReaders, Novelty Items, OLED's, Photovoltaics, Printed Batteries & Sensors and RFID
    • Ink Jet can play a Significant Role in This Future

     5:30 - 7:00 p.m. Reception in Exhibit Area

     7:00 pm Adjournment & Exhibits Close

    Media Partners
    AIM is the industry association and worldwide authority on automatic identification (auto ID) and data collection technologies. AIM members are providers and users of technologies, systems, and services that capture, manage, and integrate accurate data into larger information systems that improve processes enterprise-wide. Serving members in 43 countries for 35 years, the Association has developed key technical specifications and guidelines that support the use of auto ID and mobile IT solutions.

    Industrial + specialty printing - Magazine
    Industrial + specialty printing - Magazine is the only magazine focusing on functional and decorative printing as part of the manufacturing process, i.e. where the end product is not the print itself, but another final product, Printed images include but are not limited to solar cells, membrane switches, RFID, medical devices with flex circuitry, nameplates, panel fronts, printed electronic components, instruments & gauges.

    Ink World
    When ink industry professionals want the latest news and information, they turn to Ink World - the most widely read source for ink news, providing in-depth information on development, manufacture & sale of all printing inks, coatings and allied products. In Ink World, top company officials discuss their thoughts about the industry and Ink World reports on developments affecting printers and ink companies' suppliers.

    Label & Narrow Web
    Label & Narrow Web is the major source of information and education for the narrow web segment of converting and printing. Each issue contains useful and penetrating articles on matters of primary interest to the label and narrow web professional. From technical innovation and marketing trends to product development, Label & Narrow Web examines the critical topics that affect narrow web markets internationally.

    Lyra Research
    Lyra's Hard Copy Observer and Hard Copy Supplies Journals deliver news and analysis that imaging industry leaders need to track and anticipate changes in the hardware and consumable markets. Lyra's advisory and consulting services focus on your industry with unrivaled analysis and perspective. For a special IMI offer on Lyra's journals contact Carolyn O'Donnell at +1 617 454 2627 or

    Packaging & Converting Essentials
    Packaging & Converting Essentials is an online resource for professionals in the packaging, graphical, converting, related equipment and supply chain industries. The target group is everyone with a professional interest in packaging, graphical, converting and related equipment industries, including processes that make these industries tick.

    Printed electronics Now
    Printed electronics Now is a new online publication devoted to the fast growing field of electronic products created through the printing process, an emerging industry that promises to revolutionize the methods in which electronic components and systems are manufactured.

    RadTech International North America
    RadTech International North America, a nonprofit organization, is the association for the advancement of ultraviolet and electron beam (UV & EB) technology. RadTech serves as an industry forum, addressing the educational needs of the users and suppliers of UV and EB equipment and materials.
    Veritas et Visus
    In Latin, "Veritas et Visus" means "Truth and Vision". Our mission is to provide readers with pertinent, timely and affordable information about the flat-panel display industry, with the goal of bringing together news, interviews, conference summaries, tutorials, and analysis. Veritas et Visus offers .ve specialty newsletters covering Flexible Displays, 3D Displays; Touch Screens; High Resolution; and Display Standards.

    If you would like to become a Media Partner, contact Al Keene at for details.

    Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2010
    Supplier Directory

    Alio Industries
    ALIO designs, manufactures and markets proprietary robotic devices and tools that enable the world's most precise nano-scale movements for manufacturing and R&D featuring their patented Hexapod parallel kinematic 6 axis robot system.

    Contact: Bill Hennessey
    Founder & CEO
    Tel: +1 303 339 7500
    Alio Industries
    11919 West I-70 Frontage Rd
    Suite # 119
    Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

    American Ink Jet Corporation
    American Ink Jet Corporation was founded in 1983. Its sole business is to develop and manufacture ink jet inks of the highest quality. AIJ has worked with many partners including DuPont Imaging, Encad, Kodak Imaging, Stork Graphics, Rohm & Haas, Roland and the US Army. Today we utilize these years of experience and manufacturing know how to produce inks for today's sophisticated printers. We can develop an ink for you or manufacture to your formulations and specifications. All of our development and manufacturing is done in Billerica, Massachusetts, USA.

    Contact: Michael Andreottola
    President & CEO
    Tel: +1 978 667 0600 ext. 201
    Fax: +1 978 667 0200
    American Ink Jet Corporation
    13 Alexander Road
    Billerica, MA 01821

    Amica Systems
    Amica Systems, Inc. has specialized in software, hardware and system development of inkjet technologies since 1988. Amica notably excels in electronics / hardware design and OEM manufacturing. Amica offers NuviJET electronics and integrated systems, including PostScript RIP, variable data software, and Printer Control Software for scanning and one-pass applications, such as WFP, textile, variable data printing, and security printing.

    Contact: Jim Chang
    Tel: +1 949 285 0908
    Fax: +1 714 730 8079
    Amica Systems
    12 Runningbrook
    CA 92620

    As the world leader in micro-diameter stainless steel fibers, we can produce highly engineered fiber matrices and products for filtration applications. These 100% stainless-steel depth filters are finding increasing value in ink jet technologies. High dirt holding capacities and high flux rates at relatively low pressure drops is our unique selling proposition. We are here to develop unique solutions to your specific filtration requirements.

    Contact: Doug Watson
    Market Manager, Inkjet
    Tel: +1 770-514-2268
    Fax: +1 770-423-9181
    Bekaert Stainless Technologies
    1000 Cobb Place Blvd.
    Bldg. 100 Ste.130
    Kennesaw, GA 30144

    Buhler supplies comprehensive solutions wherever sophisticated mixing, dispersing, and wet grinding challenges exist: Logically designed equipment for ultra fine dispersions and high-grade grinding in nanometre range meeting the growing demands in inkjet ink manufacturing.

    Contact: Cornel Mendler
    Head of Product Management
    Tel: +41 71 955 1343
    Fax: +41 71 955 3149
    Buhler AG
    Grinding & Dispersing Technologies
    CH-9240 Uzwil, Switzerland

    Collins Ink
    Collins Ink formulates and produces water, solvent, oil-based and specialty inks for HP TIJ 45A technologies, Kodak printing systems, CIJ and DOD printheads and UV curable platforms. Collins is in its 20th year of specializing in inkjet ink.

    Contact: Roger Oberg
    Tel: 1 513 948 9000
    Fax: +1 513 948 8900
    Collins Ink Corporation
    1201 Edison Drive
    Ohio 45216

    d&K Engineering
    D&K Engineering is a global contract R&D, engineering and manufacturing services company focused on developing and manufacturing complex electromechanical products and equipment.

    Contact: Diane Law
    Vice President of Marketing
    Tel: +1 858 376 2500
    Fax: +1 858 385 0872
    D&K Engineering, Inc.
    15890 Bernardo Center Drive
    San Diego, CA 92127

    FUJIFILM Dimatix
    FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation and is the leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance, industrial drop-on-demand inkjet printheads, micropumps, components and systems used in many, non-impact imaging, decorative and deposition applications.

    Contact: Edward T. Chrusciel
    Director of Marketing
    Tel: +1 603 443 5364
    Fax: +1 603 448 9870
    FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc.
    East Coast Operations
    109 Etna Road
    NH 03766

    A world leader in the invention and large scale manufacture of ground breaking, high performance colorants and inks for aqueous-based ink jet applications.

    Contact: Giles Branthwaite
    Commercial Manager
    Tel: +44 161 721 1578
    Fax: +44 161 721 5810
    FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants Limited
    Hexagon Tower
    Manchester M9 8ZS

    Fenner Precision
    Fenner Precision provides engineered elastomeric solutions for global Original Equipment Manufacturers in the printing industry. Our wide range of products includes timing belts, flat belts, rollers and media movement tires for various printing, power transmission and media movement applications. A global network of experienced application engineers and business development specialists coupled with precision manufacturing capabilities deliver cost-effective solutions to meet customer needs - exactly.

    Contact: Hans Raj
    Applications Engineering Manager
    Tel: +1 1-800 327-2288
    Fax: +1 717-664-8287
    Fenner Precision
    250 S. Penn St.
    Manheim, PA 17545

    Global Inkjet Systems
    GIS offers a complete package of software drivers and electronics hardware for industrial inkjet printheads. We are experienced in large scale single-pass & scanning systems development and our print engine enables multi-printhead, multi-resolution control; sophisticated image layout with high speed variable data support; fully featured waveform generation; parameter optimization tools for print quality enhancement. Our single source solution gets customers to market faster.

    Contact: Debbie Thorp
    Business Development Director
    Tel: +44 1223 421522
    Cell: +44 7967 461931
    Global Inkjet Systems Ltd
    St. John's Innovation Centre
    Cowley Road
    Cambridge CB4 0WS

    ImageXpert Inc.
    ImageXpert Inc. is the world leader in vision-based inspection systems and solutions for inkjet printer manufacturers, ink formulators and jetted deposition system developers. Offering systems for measurement of drops in flight, wetting visualization, jet sustainability/life testing, as well as print quality assessment, ImageXpert serves a wide range of markets including graphic arts, printed electronics, digital fabrication, biotechnology, solar, and micro-fluidics. Companies worldwide rely on ImageXpert systems in R&D and production.

    Contact: Yair Kipman
    Tel: +1 603 598 2500
    Fax: +1 603 598 2687
    ImageXpert Inc.
    460 Amherst Street
    NH 03063

    Integration Technology is the world's leading supplier of UV sources for digital ink jet applications. Integration Technology offers a wide range of compact and light weight UV arc products in addition to cutting edge, solid state UV LED systems and bespoke design partnerships for Ink Jet developers.

    Contact: Jennifer Heathcote
    General Manager, NA
    Tel: +1 312 202 0394 ext 10
    Fax: +1 508 546 0200
    Integration Technology North America
    1415 North Dayton Street
    3rd Floor North
    IL 60642

    Integrity Industrial Ink Jet
    A full-service industrial ink jet integration company, providing services from concept through to implementation: Feasibility consulting, fluid evaluation, process development and system fabrication. Providing clients the ability to utilize the unique properties of ink jet for product decoration, materials deposition, graphics printing, food decoration and other manufacturing applications.

    Contact: Dr. Rich Baker
    Tel: +1 603 790 0053
    Integrity Integration
    16 Airpark Road
    West Lebanon, NH 03784

    Phoseon Technology
    Phoseon Technology is the world leader in clean energy UV LED curing solutions for industrial applications. Phoseon's products enable faster, cleaner, and more efficient industrial processes for UV curing of photopolymers in adhesives, inks, and coatings. Phoseon is a US based corporation with worldwide sales and support and is headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon.

    Contact: Michael Beck
    Sales Manager - Americas
    Tel: +1 734 576 1010
    Phoseon Technology
    7425 NW Evergreen Parkway
    Hillsboro OR 97124

    Pivotal Resources
    Pivotal Resources operates at the forefront of ink jet technology, working for vendors and users world-wide. We assist in defining and reviewing product strategies, support the development of new products and processes, and help our clients gain market position. Our clients are based world-wide and include many familiar names. Among our services and activities are Directions, our ink jet patent review service and the Ink Jet Academy course.

    Contact: Mike Willis
    Managing Director
    Tel: +44 1223 235900
    Fax: +44 1223 235901
    Pivotal Resources Ltd
    11 Glebe Way
    Cambridge CB24 4HJ

    Sensient Imaging Technologies
    Sensient Imaging Technologies has unsurpassed global expertise in inkjet inks and dyes and can act as a trusted, experienced partner to compound proprietary ink, a second source when demand exceeds your internal capacity, or as a development partner to bring innovative product ideas to fruition. No matter what role we play, we deliver superior value, unparalleled industry expertise and comprehensive product development assistance.

    Contact: David Propst
    Technical Sales Representative
    Tel: +1 314 889 7600
    Fax: +1 314 658 7318
    Sensient Colors Inc.
    2515 North Jefferson Avenue
    St. Louis, MO 63106

    SunJet is a leading global supplier of premium, high-quality ink jet inks for industrial and commercial print applications. SunJet offers strong technical capabilities and industry knowledge by leveraging the market strength of its parent company, Sun Chemical Corporation, and DIC (Dai Nippon Ink and Chemical Corporation), world leaders in products and services for print.

    Contact: Peter Walshe
    Business Development Manager
    Tel: +44 1761 414471
    Fax: +44 1761 416609
    Norton Hill
    Midsomer Norton
    Somerset BA3 4RT

    The Technology Partnership plc (TTP) is a 300-strong, independent technology and product development services company. TTP's Meteor business group supplies printhead driver components to the industrial inkjet industry. Meteor printhead driver electronics and data path software accelerates time to market and de-risks inkjet print system development.

    Contact: Clive Ayling
    Printer Business Manager
    Tel: +44 1763 262626
    Fax: +44 1763 261582
    The Technology Partnership
    Melbourn Science Park, Melbourn
    Herts SG8 6EE

    Vexajet specializes in practical solutions to complex problems in ink jet technology applied to industrial printing and digital fabrication

    Contact: Dr. Ross N. Mills
    President & Director of Technology
    (303) 527 - 1256
    6560 Odell Place
    Boulder, Colorado

    Xaar is the leading independent supplier of industrial inkjet printheads, inks and peripheral equipment, and inventor of the revolutionary 'Hybrid Side-Shooter' printhead, the Xaar 1001. Our specialist technology and expertise ensure a rapid route to market for developers - We provide readily available, high-quality inkjet printheads and approved inks, a range of complementary peripherals, engineering support and an engineering support and an approved Integrator network.

    Contact: Chris Lynn
    VP Sales & Marketing
    Tel: +1 770 509 4888
    Fax: +1 210 525 1083
    Xaar Americas Sales Office
    2265 Roswell Road
    Suite 100
    Marietta, GA 30062

    Xennia is a major driving force in the world of inkjet printing, with over 14 years in the industrial inkjet industry. As the world's leading chemistry-driven industrial inkjet integrator, we've been instrumental in revolutionising outdated manufacturing processes by pioneering inkjet as a reliable and viable production process. We remain at the forefront of helping Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners and their end customers translate their inkjet ideas into production reality; in markets as diverse as product decoration, ceramics, textiles, packaging and printed electronics.

    Contact: Hannah O'Brien
    Sales & Marketing Director
    Tel: +44 1462 705266
    Fax: +44 1462 705221
    Xennia Technology Ltd
    Monroe House
    Works Road
    Hertfordshire SG6 1LN

    IMI Completed Conferences on this Topic

    IMI Europe Ink Jet Technology Suppliers Showcase 2009
    June 2-3, 2009, Zurich, Switzerland

    Ink Jet Technology Suppliers Showcase 2008
    April 16-18, 2008

    IMI Europe Ink Jet Technology Suppliers Showcase 2007
    May 29-June 1, 2007, Barcelona, Spain

    Ink Jet Developers Conference 2006
    June 27-29, 2006

    A Complete Listing of IMI Completed Programs

    The Numbers: Worldwide Printer & Supplies Market Report
    Provided to all Symposium Registrants

    Information Management Institute, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has commissioned I T Strategies of Hanover, Massachusetts to prepare a confidential study report entitled "The Numbers: Worldwide Printer and Supplies Market Report" for distribution to all registrants to IMI's programs.

    This exclusive market report is updated on an ongoing basis and provides a source of market information based on a consistent methodology and reporting structure. The report authors, I T Strategies, generate this report from their worldwide model of the printer industry.

    All registrants to the Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2010 on September 8-9, 2010 at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel will receive a complimentary copy of the latest edition of the "The Numbers: Worldwide Printer and Supplies Market Report."

    Registration Update:
    As of September 6th, there are over 130 preregistered Showcase delegates representing Abbott Diabetes Care, Addmaster, Agilent Technologies, Alcat, ALIO Industries, American Ink Jet Corporation, American Trim, Amica Systems, Armstrong World Industries, Avery Dennison, BASF, Bayer Materials Science, Bekaert Corporation, Buhler, BYK-Chemie GmbH, Chem-Dyne Research Corporation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Collins Ink, Colorcon No-Tox Products, Conductive Technologies, CPS Resources, Critical Process Filtration, DHS ICE Forensic Document Laboratory, D&K Engineering, DuPont, Eastman Kodak, Esa Tex, EXFO, Fenner Precision, Filtrona Porous Technologies, Formacion Digital, Fujifilm Dimatix, Fujifilm Imaging Colorants, Fusion UV, FXI Foamex Innovations, GEW, Global Inkjet Systems, Horizons Incorporated, ImageXpert, IMI, Impact Coatings, Inabata America, Inc.jet, Industrial Ink Jet Ltd., Industrial + Specialty Printing Magazine, InfoPrint Solutions Company, InfoTrends, Innovative Digital Systems, Integration Technology, Integrity Industrial Ink Jet Integration, I.T. Strategies, ITW Trans Tech, Kanematsu USA, Kings Mountain International, Lexmark, MapleJet, Maquet Cardiovascular, Membrana, Methode Development Company, Microtech Systems, Nosco, Objet Geometries, Phoseon Technology, Pivotal Resources, Printed Electronics Now, Printhead, Printing Industries of America, Printing Supply SAS, Proctor & Gamble, RadTech, Ricoh Printing Systems America, Roche Diagnostics, Sartomer, Sawgrass Technologies, Sensient Colors, SPF-Inc., SunJet, Tekiz Makina Sanayi, Tekscan, The Joss Group, The Technology Partnership, TPS Enterprises, Univ. of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, Univ. of Michigan, VCE Solutions, Vexajet, W.L. Gore & Associates, Xaar, Xennia Technology and Xerox.

    Countries currently represented are Canada, China, Columbia, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and USA.


    The binder and CD-ROM for this completed program, containing handout materials from all speakers; handout materials from nine companies giving Suppliers' Forum presentations; the I.T. Strategies Worldwide Printer & Suppliers Market Report plus a registration list with names, addresses, phone numbers and emails may be purchased for:

    $300 US including shipping by Federal Express
    Note: $50 Shipping Fee automatically added to non-US, Completed Program Binder orders only. Appears as $50 Shipping charge in the Shopping Cart
    Contact IMI by email ( to place your order or call (207) 235-2225.

    All checks should be in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank and made payable to Information Management Institute, Inc. An invoice with bank transfer details for IMI's U.S. or European bank account will be provided upon request.

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