Information Management Institute Schofield Imaging Associates

23rd Annual

Connecting with New Technologies, Applications & End User Trends

November 12-14, 2012

Hollywood Beach Marriott
Hollywood (Ft. Lauderdale), Florida

Sponsored by

Information Management Institute, Inc.
Schofield Imaging Associates

New, in-depth conference agenda:
Latest worldwide industry survey results
Suppliers, channels, competitive challenges, world trends
Connecting with new technologies, applications & end- user trends

Conference Focus

IMI's 23rd Annual Thermal Printing Conference will provide the thermal printing industry's most comprehensive coverage ever. Key worldwide thermal market sectors will be reviewed from supplier, channel sales and end-user perspectives. Advances in wireless communications, hand held devices and web-hosted software that represent driving market forces in distributed printing will be presented in the context of their likely impact on thermal markets. Innovation and compliance initiatives that represent new growth drivers for direct thermal and thermal transfer usage will be presented from an application perspective along with the latest events and advances in photographic quality printing and thermal printhead/media technology. New product and technology innovations that include competitive technology based products aimed at traditional thermal markets will also be surveyed. Finally a review of thermal industry sales channel dynamics, worldwide capacities and the impact of the current competitive worldwide economic environment will cap off this comprehensive conference agenda.

As a mature technology, thermal printheads and media are highly refined, distribution channels are well established and thermal printing continues to dominate its primary markets. While sometimes overlooked in mainstream printing applications, thermal printing's reliability, cost performance and unique capabilities have enabled it to retain its enduring markets while still to expanding into new and exciting applications. This years' conference will provide in depth, strategic insight into all aspects of thermal printing from a supplier, channel sales and end use applications perspective. The program offers the most comprehensive coverage of thermal printing industry trends and future persepective available. Don't miss it!

IMI's 23rd Annual Thermal Printing Conference format is designed to gain insights into the opportunities and challenges of exploiting world markets and capitalizing on the many new and exciting information, communications and media related innovations taking place in our society and economy. Historically these trends have impacted thermal printing more than progress in competing technologies such as ink jet and electrophotography. Come and explore ways in which camera phones, mobile computing and wireless advancements can mold the future usage of the unique and resilient technology known as thermal printing.

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IMI's 23rd Annual Thermal Printing Conference program combines a diverse group of speakers addressing new, innovative information and communication products as well as technology developments plus consumer, business and industrial end-user trends. The format is designed to connect industry participants with systems and end-user product innovations and prepare thermal printing industry participants for future challenges and opportunities. It is also an ideal training format for new personnel.

Benefits of Conference Participation

  • Participate in the digital printing industry's only 2012 program dedicated entirely to the Thermal Printing Industry

  • Learn thermal printing technology developments and innovations being utilized and proposed to enhance printer applications and performance

  • Participate in interactive sessions and informal discussions on topics critical to the continued technological and market success of thermal printing systems

  • Obtain information on the current growth markets and applications that offer attractive opportunities

  • Learn subsystem component options and design tools to enable the most cost effective printer designs

  • Establish personal contacts with leading experts in thermal printing to evaluate factors essential to the continued advancement and market expansion of thermal printing

  • Gain knowledge to aid your company's strategic planning relative to thermal printing development, marketing and implementation

  • Have a complimentary display space to inform the industry of your products and services

  • Give a five-minute presentation during the popular Suppliers' Forum session.

Conference Chairman
Harold Schofield, Schofield Imaging Associates, LLC
Conference Speakers
Jeff Abell, Kyocera
Paul Baker, Zink Imaging
Bill Bouverie, Source Technologies
Tracey S. Chernay, TransAct Technologies
Colin Christ, Cenveo
Mike G. Cove, Appleton
Stephen Enfield, POS Supply Solutions
Jiro Oi, HIT Devices
Michael O'Connell,Neenah Paper
James G. Prince,Fujitsu Components America
Dr. Simon Salama, S2 Innovations
Andrew V. Scherz, Epson America
Greg Solloway, IIMAK
Max Winograd, NuLabel
Speaker's Biographies
23rd Annual Thermal Printing Conference
November 12-14, 2012
Hollywood Beach Marriott
Hollywood (Ft. Lauderdale), Florida

Program Coverage and Schedule

  Monday, November 12, 2012

  11:00 a.m.Conference Registration

  1:30 p.m.Opening Session - Global Thermal Printing Industry

Welcome & Introductions
Alvin G. Keene, President, Information Management Institute, Inc., Carrabassett Valley, Maine
Harold Schofield, Schofield Imaging Associates, Narragansett, Rhode Island

State of the Thermal Industry for 2012
Harold Schofield, Schofield Imaging Associates, Narragansett, Rhode Island

  • Conference Overview
  • Worldwide Thermal Printing Industry Survey
    - Media & Printer Shipments & Revenues by Market Sector
    - Competitive Assessments by Market Segment
    - Supply Chain Overview
  • End User Trends & Application Evolution Pose Challenges & Opportunities
    - Retailing & Entertainment
    - Industrial Labeling
    - Photo Image Printing
    - Specialty Marking & Printing
  • Technology Update
    - Printheads & Media
    - Recent Product Innovations
    - Status of Competing Technologies
  • Future Outlook
    - Role of Virtual vs Printed Images
    - Value of Emerging Markets
    - Prospects for Continued Industry Growth & Success

Thermal Printing & Beyond
Bill Bouverie, President & CEO, Source Technologies LLC, Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Benefits of Thermal Printing
  • Thermal Printing Barriers
  • Eliminating Thermal Printing Barriers
  • Technology Solutions

Application & Supply Chain Trends for Direct Thermal Labels
Colin Christ, Sr. Vice President, Cenveo, Stamford, Connecticut

  • Market Update
    - High Level Overview
    - Product Offering
    - Go To Market Channels
    - E-Commerce Expansion
    - Growth Plans
    - Cross Sell Success Stories
  • Laminator/Coater Update
    - Competitive Landscape Assessment through Lens of a Converter
    - Competitive Landscape Assessment through Lens of a Coater
    - Product Development
    - New Players/Equipment to the Party
    - Global Supply Prospects

To BPA or Not to BPA? A Business Perspective
Dr. Simon Salama, President, S2 Innovations, LLC, Appleton, Wisconsin

  • What is BPA?
  • History of Events
  • Industry Response to Publication of the Single Report
  • Thermal Papers Implication
  • Changes in Thermal Papers Coating Formulation
  • Current Trends in Formulation Evolution
  • Long Term Impact on Thermal Papers Market

SUPPLIERS' FORUM: 5-Minute Presentations Related To Technology, Capabilities, Services, New Product Introductions, etc. In combination with having a display, this provides an opportunity to present your technology, products or services to all conference participants. Contact Al Keene at IMI for information on having a display and signing up for the Suppliers' Forum.

  6:00 p.m. Networking Reception in Display Area

  Tuesday, November 13, 2012

  9:00 a.m. Session 2

Direct Thermal Media vs. Thermal Transfer
Mike Cove, Strategic Growth Portfolio Manager, Appleton Thermal Products, Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Review of Highlights from recent End-User Market Research (VDC): Logistics & Distribution Segment
  • End-User Trends in Adopting Direct Thermal for Efficiency & Cost
  • Performance Comparisons of Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer in a Variety of Environments
  • Meeting the Needs of End-Users with Direct Thermal

Linerless Labels: Innovations for Economic & Environmental Benefits
Max Winograd, President, NuLabel, Providence, Rhode Island

  • Traditional Labels Result in 40% Waste = Release Liner
  • Selective Actively Adhesive Technology
    - Water-based, Food Contact Safe Fluid
    - Delivered via Printer Retrofit
    - Adaptable to any Printer/Applicator Type
    - Suitable for any Substrate
  • Economic Benefits of Zero-Waste Label Solution
    - Elimination of Liner, No Gaps between Labels, Print & Cut to Length on Continuous Roll
    - More Labels per Roll & Case, Reduced Inventory Costs, Fewer Roll Changes
    - Environmental Cost Savings - No Waste Liner, eliminates waste storage, transportation, handling & disposal costs plus reduced energy costs & carbon footprint
  • Market Opportunities
    - On-Demand Supermarket Labels (Deli, Meat Counter, etc.)
    - Logistics Labels
    - Pharmacy Labels
    - Food Service Labels
    - Bag Tags
    - Medical & Healthcare Labels
    - & Many More!

Path to Iinfinity™ - Roadmap to Durable Thermal Films
Greg Solloway, Sr. Manager of Business Development, International Imaging Materials, Inc., Amherst, New York

  • Markets - Healthcare (Wristbands, Histology Slide Labels
    - Outdoor (Shelf Labels, Drum Labels, Horticulture
    - Protein Processing (Scale Labels, Carcass Tags
  • Drivers
    - Durability
    - Reduced Media Management
    - HIPPA
  • Product Roadmap (White, Clear & Colored)

 12:00 Noon Luncheon

  1:30 p.m. Session 3

Competitive Technologies Target Harsh Environment Labeling
Michael O'Connell, Neenah Paper, Neenah, Wisconsin & Andrew V. Scherz, Sr. Product Manager, Epson America, Inc., Long Beach, California
  • Demand: Multi-National Chemical Manufacturers need to produce many SKUs for shipments & Comply with GHS Standards
  • End-Users Looking to Lean-Up Supply Chain & Reduce Pre-printed Label Inventories
  • Market Trends & Evolution of Print on Demand Color & Its Benefits
  • New Digital Approaches: UV Ink Jet, Pigment Based Ink Jet, Dye/Pigment Ink Jet Combinations & Laser Printing
  • All Emerging Technologies Targeting Replacement of Traditional Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Printing
  • Epson Print Platforms for Harsh Environment Labeling & What Epson/Neenah Solutions Offer

Full Color Direct Thermal Printing - Adoption & Growth Plan
Paul Baker, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Sales, Zink Imaging, Inc., Bedford, Massachusetts

  • ZINK® = Zero Ink® Technology - How it Works
  • Products to Date - Photo Orientation
  • Application/Expansion Phase
    - Consumer
    - Commercial: Breadth of Potential Applications & Key Target Applications
    - Requirements for Success: Application Customized Media & Hardware plus Leading Users to Drive Adoption
  • Partnership Opportunities - Hardware & Media Development, Distribution & Marketing
  • "Skin in the Game"

Trends in Mobile Applications and Potential Impact on Thermal Printing
James G. Prince, Business Development Manager, Fujitsu Components America, Inc., (formerly Director of Business Development, Lucent Mobile), Dallas, Texas

  • Recap/Review of POS Industry
  • Mobile Technology
    - What is it?
    - Who Uses it?
    - Benefits of Accepting it
    - How is Business Changing as a Result
  • POS Printers
    - Types for Mobile Technology
    - Strategy?Now about What ? but rather about When
  • What are Consumers & End-users Demanding from Technology Suppliers

Real Life Problems (Solved by) Innovative Solutions - Hot Applications for Thermal Products in Cool Industries
Tracey S. Chernay, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, TransAct Technologies, Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Thermal Printing Technology + Innovative Software in Growth Industries
  • Solving Real Life Problems with Innovative Software Combined with Thermal Printing Technology & Specialized Media
  • Casino, Lottery & Gaming
    - Epicentral Print System is Software Solution that Prints Marketing Messages/Coupons at Slot or Game - while Player is Playing
  • Food Safety & Preparation
    - Menu based Printing System Combines Touch Screen Technology, Customized Menu based Food Preparation Data & Sticky Media to more Safely Deliver Food Products to Customer
  • Oil & Gas
    - In Oil/Gas Exploration - Quality Images of Drilling Subterranean Environments are Critical to Success - Color provides Next Level of Detail for Mission Critical Drilling

  5:00 p.m. Networking Reception in Display Area

  Wednesday, November 14, 2012

  9:00 a.m.Session 4

Opportunities and Threats to Thermal Printing Industry through Eyes of Thermal Media Distributor
Stephen Enfield, President/CEO, POS Supply Solutions, Danvers, Massachusetts
  • Threats
    - BPA
    - BPS
    - eReceipts
    - NFC
    - Paperless
    - Green Movement
  • Opportunities
    - Linerless Labels
    - Mobile Printing Applications
    - Self Service Applications
    - Recycled Thermal Paper
  • Discussion - Future of Thermal Printing

Benefits of New Approach to Plastic Card Overcoating/Laminating
Jiro Oi, Director, HIT Devices, US Office, Brentwood, Tennessee

  • Development of Heating Head
  • Operational Characteristics
  • Lamination/Overcoat Applications
  • Thermal Retransfer Applications
  • Benefits & Economic Returns

Kyocera Thin Film Thermal Printhead Advancements & Developments
Jeff Abell, National Sales Manager - Thermal Print Head Division, Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation, Vancouver, Washington

  • Overcoat & High Heat Efficiency Printhead Technologies
  • High Quality & High Speed by Thin Film Printhead
  • Thermal Printhead as Key Device to Print on many different Surfaces
  • Medical Application Example: Total Medical Control System to avoid Errors

 12:00 Noon Adjournment

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Hollywood, Florida Location

Hollywood Beach Marriott The Marriott Hollywood Beach in Hollywood Beach, Florida is located directly on the ocean between the Atlantic Ocean and Florida's Intracoastal Waterway providing guests with a dazzling South Florida oceanfront location. The hotel is near downtown Fort Lauderdale, and 8 miles from Port Everglades. It is situated on Hollywood's Broadwalk, a 2.5 mile stretch of dining, biking, shopping, strolling, and people watching directly on the beach (Hollywood Broadwalk named one of the Top 10 Nostalgic Promenades by USA Today).

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The new Hollywood Trolley makes getting around Hollywood Beach and Downtown a breeze. Riders can board the trolley (approximately every 30 minutes) at more than a dozen convenient locations near Hollywood's major activity areas (including the Hollywood Beach Marriott). From dining and cultural activities in historic Downtown Hollywood; to exploring nature at Anne Kolb Nature Center and North Beach Park; to oceanfront dining, shopping and recreation along Hollywood's famous beachfront Broadwalk, you'll see why Hollywood has been named an All-America City and one of Fodor's Best Beaches for families. The Trolley runs Wednesday through Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm and the fare is $1 per ride per person (pay exact change on trolley). Maps of the 3 interconnecting routes and additional information can be found at The Marriott Hollywood Beach plus the Hollywood Ft. Lauderdale areas and the State of Florida provide excellent opportunities to extend your visit into a memorable vacation experience.

Hollywood Beach Marriott

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Hollywood Beach Marriott
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