Information Management Institute

4th Annual Digital Printing Presses Conference
Road Map to 2020

June 20-22, 2011

Hollywood Beach Marriott
Hollywood (Ft. Lauderdale), Florida

sponsored by

Information Management Institute, Inc.

Conference Focus

Digital printing is just one of the factors reshaping the commercial printing industry as it progresses to a new look by 2020. What will the printing industry - both digital and conventional - look like in 2020? That's an intriguing question that we will explore at IMI's 4th Annual Digital Printing Presses Conference - Road Map to 2020.

The digital printing industry continues to be fostered by such developments as "transpromo documents" (personalized business documents containing advertising materials); dramatically improved workflow/productivity solutions; new applications like printed electronics, textiles, active packaging & more; integrated multimedia campaigns (conventional/personalized direct mail, web, email, display graphics, etc.) Smart Labels, PLUS tremendous digital printing technology capability advancements. Unparalleled business opportunities exist for tomorrow's printing industry in an increasingly digital world.

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BUT, the future of both digital and conventional printing are being shaped by events such as

  • Printed Books vs. Ebooks
  • Traditional Newspapers vs. Online News
  • Printed Statements, Bills, etc. vs. Online Statements, Bills, etc.
  • Direct Mail Marketing vs. Email. Social Networks, etc.
  • On-Demand Digital Printing vs. Large Volume Traditional Print Runs
  • Personalization Requirements for Targeted Direct Mail
  • Major Corporations' Managed Print Services & Print Suppression Programs
  • Electronic Social Media vs. Written Communications
  • Video vs. Printed Copy
  • And Many More Related Market, Social & Infrastructure Revolutions

    IMI's 4th Annual Digital Printing Presses Conference - Road Map to 2020 will provide a comprehensive review of digital printing opportunities, requirements, challenges and potential solutions for major new applications plus those traditionally utilizing screen, flexographic, gravure and offset printing.

    Leading industry experts and end users will address the current state-of-the-art, evolving printing requirements, market opportunities, market penetration, enablers, barriers, etc. in major application sectors including marketing documents, point of purchase, fleet graphics, transactional documents, packaging, labeling, etc. This conference program will provide a unique opportunity to obtain an assessment of multiple, major evolving digital printing technology, market and application trends that are shaping the printing industry of the future.

  • Benefits of Conference Attendance

    • Learn the current state of the art for current and evolving digital printing press technologies and gain first hand knowledge from current users, recognized experts and industry pioneers

    • Obtain an understanding of infrastructure shifts impacting the printing industry - multimedia publishing, transpromo documents, printable electronics, short run promotional graphics, functional packaging and many more

    • Receive an appreciation for the challenges and issues critical to digital printing continued market penetration and expansion

    • Establish personal relationships with key players in digital printing and related industries

    • Gain knowledge of the technology developments being made and still required to meet market and application demands

    • Gain an understanding of the significant current and projected markets plus the technology developments being made and still required to expand the applications base and market penetration

    • Display your products, technologies, services, etc. with a complimentary display space and give a 5-minute presentation in the popular Suppliers' Forum session

    • Hear industry expert's projections for industrial digital printing opportunities in newly developing and expanding applications

    Conference Speakers
    Donald R. Allred, Eastman Kodak
    Tom Ashley, Pivotal Resources USA
    Dr. Ron Askeland, Hewlett Packard
    Martin Bailey, Global Graphics Software
    Yuan (Charlie) Chang, Amica Systems
    David Davis, Interquest
    Lawrence Gamblin, Collins Ink
    Mark Hanley, I.T. Strategies
    Skip Henk, Xplor International
    Dr. Alan L. Hudd, Xennia Technology
    Bill Lamparter, PrintCom Consulting
    Dr. Dene H. Taylor, SPF-Inc

    Speakers' Biographies

    IMI Digital Presses Conference 2011

    4th Annual Digital Printing Presses - The Road Map to 2020
    June 20-22, 2011
    Hollywood Beach Marriott
    Hollywood (Ft. Lauderdale), Florida

    Program Coverage & Schedule

      Monday, June 20, 2011

      11:00 a.m.Conference Registration

      1:30 p.m.Opening Session - The Evolving Printing Environment

    Welcome and Introductions
    Alvin G. Keene, President, Information Management Institute, Inc., Carrabassett Valley, Maine USA

    Are We There Yet? Perceptions, Expectations & Reality
    William C. Lamparter, President, PrintCom Consulting Group, Charlotte, North Carolina

    • The State of Print - Circa 2011-2012
    • Digital Press Production Structure
    • Which Comes First - the End or the Beginning?
    • Variable Data - Asset or Liability?
    • E-Competition & TV Competition
    • Making Print Come Alive
    • Outlook for Drupa 2012
    • And After Drupa
    • Wanted - An Evangelist

    Tablets in the Cloud - Print in the Age of Technology
    Tom Ashley, Director, Pivotal Resources USA, Kentucky

    • Alternatives to Print
    • The Decline of the Printing Industry as we Have Known It
    • Digital Printing in the Age of Technology

    "Visionary or Visualist - Your Business Depends On It"
    Skip Henk, President & CEO, Xplor International, Land O'Lakes, Florida

    • Although there are Few Visionaries - Everyone has Ability to become a Visualist
    • Informative & Entertaining Look at What's Driving How we will Communicate with Customers & Prospects in the Future
      - Technology Trends
      - Human Behavior Trends

     5:30 p.m. Networking Reception in Display Area

      Tuesday, June 21, 2011

      8:00 a.m.Breakfast

      9:00 a.m.Session 2 - The Road Map to 2020: Books and Documents

    Hewlett Packard Inkjet Web Press Product Line
    Dr. Ron Askeland, System Architect, Hewlett Packard, San Diego, California
    • Key Features of HP's Web Press Family: T200, T300, T350 & T400
    • Integrated Solution of Printheads, Inks, Bonding Agent & Media
    • Current Applications in Publishing, Marketing Collateral & Information Prints
    • 2020 Commercial & Industrial Printing Requirements

    Digital Book Printing: The Future is Evolving
    David Davis, Interquest, Inc. Charlotteville, Virgina

    • Book Publishing Industry: Undergoing Dramatic Structural & Operational Changes
    • Role of Key Players: Publishers, Book Sellers, Distributors, Book Printers plus Printing & Finishing Hardware Vendors
    • Major Digital Printing Applications & Business Models
    • Key Issues & Trends: Readership, Digitization, eBooks, Changing Distribution Channels, Pricing, Book Piracy, Returns, Used Books & Environmental
    • Book Publishing is Vibrant & Growing Market for Digital Printing

    Digital Presses Drive Commercial Printing Industry Change
    Donald R. Allred, Director, Business Development, Inkjet Printing Solutions, Graphic Communications Group, Eastman Kodak Company, Dayton, Ohio

    • Digital Presses Offer Tremendous Enabler for Commercial Print Industry Changes
    • Move from Niche to Mainstream Requires Key Capabilities
      - Productivity
      - Reliability
      - Image Quality
      - Total Cost of Ownership
    • Driving Change with
      - Automated Internet Portals
      - Workflow
      - Digital Presses
    • Technology Update: Revolutionary Stream Inkjet Technology
    • Commercial Printing Opportunities: Applications & Technology
      - Book Printing: Market & Technology Solution Perspectives (Nexpress & Prosper Press Platforms)
      - Newspaper Printing - Kodak VL 4200 DOD Ink Jet Technology
      - Industrial Print Applications: Corrugated Packaging & Laminate Flooring

      12:00 Noon Luncheon

      1:30 p.m.Session 3 - The Road Map: 2020 Industrial Printing

    Finishing: Increasing Value with Integration
    Dr. Dene H. Taylor, President, SPF-Inc., New Hope, Pennsylvania
    • Essentially every Printed Item requires additional Processing (or Finishing) Before Clients can use it
    • Every Finishing Step adds Value: Therefore it should Improve Margin.
    • Added Values for the Client
      - Aesthetics, Durability & Functionality
      - Other Processes such as Sheeting, Folding, Binding, Die-cutting, Embossing, etc. all Contribute
    • Finishing Process Integration On-Press is also Value-Add
      - Operates under Digital Control
      - Cuts Handling, WIP, Turn Around Time & Scrap Costs
      - Single Job Order Entry
    • Overcoating Provides the Highest Value
      - Vibrancy & Durability: Premium Magazines & Photographs
      - Green Chemistry: UV & Aqueous Formulations
      - For All Presses: Web, Sheet, Single-sided & Duplex
    • Considerations of Operational Expectations
      - Customer Base & Requirements
      - Matching Capabilities with Available Systems
      - Economic Justification & Projected ROI
    • Application & Finished Product Examples
    • Finishing Systems Example

    New Generation of Industrial Ink Jet Digital Presses
    Yuan (Charlie) Chang, Vice President of R&D, Amica Systems, Irvine, California

    • Past Digital Presses Centered on Transaction, Book & Transpromo Applications - Now Many Other Industrial Applications are Adopting or Looking for Digital Press Solutions
    • High Speed Piezo Ink Jet Press for Industrial Applications, 75m/min & Beyond
    • Application Specific Print Quality, Cost & Speed Dilemma
    • Challenges of Ink Jet Press used in Manufacturing Process: Systems, Software & Ink
    • Industrial Digital Press Adoption: Case Studies
    • Current Trends & What to Expect in the Next 5 to 10 Years

    Changing the Game: Ink Jet Textile Decorating & Finishing
    Dr. Alan L. Hudd, President & Chief Technical Officer, Xennia Technology, Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK

    • Market Overview of Digital Textile Printing
    • Market Requirements for Digital Textile Decoration & Finishing
    • Application Drivers & Challenges
    • Technology Required for a Complete Production Ink Jet Solution
    • Application Examples: Decoration & Finishing
    • The Vision: Digital Finishing as a Transformational Technology

    SUPPLIER'S FORUM: 5-Minute Commercial Presentations related To Technology, Capabilities, Services, New Product Introductions, etc. The Suppliers' Forum is open to all Conference Registrants

     5:30 p.m. Networking Reception

      Wednesday, June 22, 2011

      8:00 a.m.Breakfast

      9:00 a.m.Session 4 - Digital Printing Press Technology Advancements: What's Next?

    Ink Manufacturing Perspective on Emerging Digital Print Markets
    Lawrence Gamblin, President, Collins Ink Corporation, Cincinnati, Ohio
    • Overview of Ink Jet Inks
      - Compare & Contrast Implications of Different Chemistries (Water, Solvent, UV, Dye & Pigment)
      - Cost Models in Ink Jet Ink Manufacturing
      - Present Value Stream: Inks Validated by Printhead Manufacturers, Ink Suppliers Pay Royalties, Ink Supplier's Customer gets Warranty on Printheads
    • Market Background & Lessons Learned from Earlier Industrial Markets
    • New High Speed Four Color (HSFC) Ink Jet Markets will Drive New Models among OEM's, Printhead Manufacturers, Ink Producers, Printers & Print Customers
    • Future Value Stream will be Driven by Printers (Print Producers) - Printers Purchase the Printers, Develop New Markets & will Define New Business Models
    • What can we Expect in the Future?
      - Printers Will Drive Growth - Not OEMs
      - Lower Barriers to Entry for New Printer OEMs
      - Modular Approach to Many Applications
      - Ink Prices will Decrease
      - Vendors will have to Adapt to Printers' Priorities
      - Ink Jet Ink Market will begin to Parallel Traditional Ink Markets: High Volume Low Margin Standard Inks
      & Low Volume Higher Margin Specialty Inks

    RIPping Through Data: Challenges Faced in the Digital Front End
    Martin Bailey, CTO, Global Graphics Software, Cambridge, UK

    • Digital Front Ends (DFE) Face Rapidly Increasing Data Processing Requirements as Print Jobs become More Complex
      - Increased Use of Transparency
      - Need for Increased Variable Data Coverage
    • Race for Speed is On-going Competitive Challenge
      - DFE Must Process Data Quickly Enough to Drive Press at Full Rated Speed
      - Press Manufacturers want to Minimize DFE Costs Vs. Cost of Press
      - Must Respond to Market Needs & Opportunities: Photobooks, Personalized Marketing Materials, etc.
    • The Holy Trinity - Speed, Quality & Reliability
    • Once the Hardware is Optimized - What Then?

    Digital Presses of the Future: Ink Jet or Electrophotography
    Mark Hanley, President, I.T. Strategies, Hanover, Massachusetts

    • Electrophotography Digital Presses as Specialized Growth & Margin Drivers
    • Ink Jet: No Particular Threat to Electrophotography - Yet
    • Economic & Quality Tradeoffs

     12:00 Noon Adjournment

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    Speaking Opportunities at IMI Conferences

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    Product Demonstrations - Free Displays

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    Information Management Institute, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has commissioned I T Strategies of Hanover, Massachusetts to prepare a confidential study report entitled "Worldwide Printer and Supplies Market Report" for distribution to all registrants to IMI's programs.

    This exclusive market report is updated on an ongoing basis and provides a source of market information based on a consistent methodology and reporting structure. The report authors, I T Strategies, generate this report from their worldwide model of the printer industry.

    All registrants to the 4th Annual Digital Printing Presses Conference - Roadmap to 2020 on June 20-22, 2011 at the Hollywood Beach Marriott will receive a complimentary copy of the latest edition of the "Worldwide Printer and Supplies Market Report."

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