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Inkjet Innovation Academy
Industrial Inkjet System Design Course
Inkjet Academy
Inkjet Printed Electronics Evaluation & Opportunities Course
May 2-3, 2022
The Florida Hotel & Conference Center
Orlando, Florida

Inkjet Conference 2022
May 4-5, 2022
The Florida Hotel & Conference Center
Orlando, Florida

International Inkjet Industry Directory
Online Directory with Free Listings & Usage

Listings & Promotional emails in Completed Programs
Inkjet Age of Materials Conference 2020-2021
November 18, 2020 Ė September 15, 2021
Bimonthly Digital Online Conference Sessions

Inkjet Conference 2020-2021
February 17 Ė December 15, 2021
Bimonthly Digital Online Conference Sessions

Sponsorship Opportunity

IMIís ongoing Inkjet Universe Sponsorship opportunity is designed to expand the number of industry suppliers able to digitally position themselves ďfront and centerĒ before a key group of inkjet business leaders including executives, product developers, technologists, major users, etc. - PLUS distributing their message to IMIís global database of nearly 20,000 relevant contacts. Sponsors will receive ongoing recognition, exposure, and publicity for an entire year via multiple channels as described below!

Our goal is to develop an ďinkjet communityĒ focused on generating excitement about rapidly expanding inkjet materials technology developments, markets, applications, and opportunities - thus benefiting all Inkjet industry participants and end users.

IMIís Inkjet Universe Sponsorship has been revised to include the following benefits at a cost of only $1500 - Less than $30 per week and including a $1000 registration credit for IMI program(s) of your choice. All Sponsorships are valid for 12 months from the 1st of the month following Sponsorship sign up date.

IMIís Inkjet Universe Sponsorship provides sponsorsí recognition in IMIís International Inkjet Industry Directory which is being developed to provide a comprehensive coverage of inkjet products ranging from ink raw materials to final ink products; printheads to final printer products; substrates & substrate additives/treatments; system components; testing/product development services; consultants, educational opportunities plus much more. Sponsorís Logo (with web site link) will be featured in the directory format.

The Inkjet Universe Sponsorship includes sponsorsí benefits, exposure, and recognition (as explained below) for all of IMIís online and in-person conferences during the sponsorship period as follows:

  • A $1000 Registration Credit that can be used for sponsorís choice of event(s).
  • For additional Conference Registrations after credit is used:
    - In Person Events: $895 per registrant per conference
    - Online Events: $100 discount off stated regular fee per registrant per conference
    - Discounted registrations may be used for additional staff or transferable to clients, etc.
  • Corporate Logo & Link on each Conference/Course Web Page
  • Corporate Description, Logo, and Link on Sponsorsí Page
  • Corporate Logo in each Conference Brochure
  • Corporate Logo in all IMI Conference Emails Ė sent to entire IMI database
  • Press Release Announcement of Sponsorships by IMI
  • Publication of Sponsor Generated Blog on IMI Blog Site (mutual Sponsor/IMI agreement of topic)
  • Announcement of Sponsor by IMI on Social Media (LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook)
  • Inclusion via mentions in additional IMI Conference Promotional Materials
  • Recognition of Sponsors during conference sessions

If you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of the IMI Sponsorship opportunities, please contact Al Keene or phone +1-207-235-2225.

theinkjetuniverse - Annual Sponsor Registration Form

To register as a Sponsor for the complete and submit the registration form below OR contact Susan Vandrey, Conference Administrator, IMI, 1106 Valley Crossing, Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947 USA by calling +1-207-235-2225, by faxing +1-207-560-9119 or emailing

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Annual Sponsorship Registration: theinkjetuniverse
Sponsor Registration Fee: $1,500
All Sponsorships will be valid for 12 months from the 1st of the month following Sponsorship sign up date.

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NOTE: The above information will be distributed to conference attendees unless you request not to be included in the distributed conference database.

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