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IMI Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012
Where Industry Suppliers Meet Their Customers
Now in its 11th Year!

September 5-6, 2012

Hyatt Rosemont
Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois

sponsored by

Information Management Institute, Inc.

IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012 is IMI's unique program concept designed to enable current and potential ink jet printing system developers, integrators and users to obtain detailed technical information and establish professional working relationships with base ink jet printing technology providers (printheads, inks, media, curing systems, chemicals & materials, system integrators, instrumentation, etc.).

IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012 program features:

Industry Overviews: Hear a range of invited experts give keynote presentations discussing how new applications and markets are offering exciting new opportunities for ink jet technology.

Supplier Presentations: Leading suppliers of printheads, hardware, inks, media or other components/services to the ink jet industry present their company's products and services to a wide range of developers, integrators and end users.

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Developers Fair: Ink jet industry suppliers feature their latest product and service offerings during conference breaks, lunches and evening receptions. Exhibits enable making those important first contacts, catch up on the latest developments and view timely product displays.

Ink Jet Tech Talks: Added Feature - a series of optional tutorials at no extra cost for registrants to IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012. Listen to ink jet experts discuss some of the latest scientific findings and techniques - information that you can use immediately!

IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012 program will provide:
  • Exhibits by key ink jet printing technology suppliers

  • Technology supplier presentations highlighting their technologies' capabilities, applications, advantages, etc.

  • Industry overviews of technology and markets by acknowledged experts

  • Ink Jet Tech Talks providing critical technical information critical to implementation and adoption of ink jet technology in your applications

  • Reference binder & CD-ROM containing technology suppliers presentation notes

  • Complete contact information for technology supplier companies

  • Opportunities for privately scheduled meetings to discuss your specific needs & requirements with technology supplier companies' representatives at the conference

  • Networking opportunities with all categories of ink jet printing professionals

  • Keynote presentations from industry experts and major end-users

  • The Numbers: Worldwide Printer and Suppliers Market Report distributed on CD to all attendees

  • Ink Jet Tech Talks giving you hints and tips to improve your products

Never before has there been an opportunity to review and evaluate ink jet printing technology options in such a cost effective and timely manner. If you have considered visiting just the major ink jet printhead companies (or ink companies or media companies, etc.) you know that you can easily spend man-weeks or man-months of time accomplishing such an information gathering process. Now, IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012 enables you to obtain up-to-date information and contacts critical to your future ink jet printing technology endeavors.

Now in its 11th year, IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcases are attended and positively received by over 200 participants. Click below to see the final programs and participating companies from IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2011 held in Barcelona, Spain.

Participation in IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012 could well be the most productive week ever in your efforts to utilize ink jet printing technology in your company 's future. Register now!

Technology Supplier Sponsors at
Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012
Amica Systems
Baker Hughes Specialty Polymers
Collins Ink
D&K Engineering
Diamond Dispersions/Charkit
Finch Paper
Fujifilm Dimatix
Fujifilm Imaging Colorants
Genix Corporation
Global Inkjet Systems
Ink Mill Corporation
Marabu North America
Meteor A TTP Divison
NETZSCH Premier Technologies
Pivotal Resources
Ricoh Printing Systems America
Sawgrass Industrial
Xennia Technology

Becoming a Technology Supplier Participant

For the past eleven years IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase has become the leading forum where industry suppliers meet developers.

If you would like to become a Technology Supplier (have a display and give a 15 minute presentation on your products and services) or a Media Partner at IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase to be held in Europe, email Al Keene.

Becoming a Media Partner

Our Media Partners Program is designed to work with relevant publications to increase exposure for both IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012 and the participating publications.

If you would like to receive information about how to become a Media Partner for IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012, please request details via email from Al Keene

Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012
September 5-6, 2012
Hyatt Rosemont
Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois


  Wednesday, September 5, 2012

  8:00 a.m.Ink Jet Tech Talks & Supplier Registration

Ink Jet Tech Talks: A series of tutorials at no extra cost for registrants to IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012. Listen to ink jet experts discuss some of the latest scientific findings and techniques - information that you can use immediately!

  8:30 a.m. Ink Jet Tech Talk

Keys to Successful Industrial Ink Jet Integration
Dr. Rich Baker, President, Integrity Industrial Ink Jet Integration, West Lebanon, New Hampshire
Dr. Rich Baker, Integrity Industrial Ink Jet Integration
  • Understanding the Principles of Ink Jet
  • Determining the Right Ink & Process
  • Integrating to the Application Specific Requirements
  • Tuning the System to the Application
  • Making Economic Success: Cost Drivers & Running Costs
  • Success = Implemented Application that Benefits All Parties: Client, Ink & Printhead Companies and the Integrator

Printhead Selection
Clive Ayling, Inkjet Specialist & Meteor Business Director, TTP Meteor, Cambridge, UK
Clive Ayling, Inkjet Specialist, TTP Meteor
  • Types & Suppliers of Ink Jet Printheads
  • Selection Criteria for Applications: - Ink Type
    - Head Size
    - Drop Size
    - Accuracy
    - Geometry
    - Data Path
    - Commercials

Keeping It Working - Nozzle Maintenance
Mike Willis, Managing Director, Pivotal Resources, Cambridge, UK
Mike Willis, Managing Director, Pivotal Resources
  • Why do Nozzles get Dirty?
  • How Does this Affect Jetting Performance?
  • Cleaning Methods
    - Wiping with Blades or Belts
    - Purging
    - Washing
    - New Ideas from Patent Literature
  • Why Automate?

Keeping it Flowing: Ink Supply Design Issues for Desk-Top & Industrial Printers
Rob Harvey, CEO, AtomJet, Cambridge UK
Rob Harvey, Director, AtomJet
  • Ink Types & their Impact on Materials Choices
  • Pumps, Pipes, Valves, Filters & De-Gassers
  • Comparison of Ink Suppliers for Scanning & Static Head Systems; Recirculating & Single-Ended Systems
  • Temperature Control of Heads & Inks

  11:00 a.m.Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012 Registration

  1:00-7:30 p.m.Exhibits Open

Introduction to Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012
Alvin G. Keene, President, Information Management Institute, Inc., Carrabassett Valley, Maine, USA
Showcase Chairman: Mike Willis, Managing Director, Pivotal Resources & IMI Europe, Cambridge, UK


Ink Jet Wears the Production Crown
Mark Hanley, President, I.T. Strategies, Hanover, Massachusetts
Mark Hanley, President, I.T. Strategies
  • Offset Quality Expectations
  • A Growing Need for Ink Alternatives
  • Liquid Toner as the New Competition

  2:00 p.m. Technology Suppliers' Presentations

FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation and is the leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance, industrial drop-on-demand inkjet printheads, micropumps, components and systems used in many, non-impact imaging, decorative and deposition applications.
Contact: Edward T. Chrusciel
Director of Marketing
Tel: +1 603 443 5364
Fax: +1 603 448 9870
FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc.
East Coast Operations
109 Etna Road
NH 03766

d&K Engineering
D&K Engineering is a global contract R&D, engineering and manufacturing services company focused on developing and manufacturing complex electromechanical products and equipment.
Contact: Diane Law
Vice President of Marketing
Tel: +1 858 376 2500
Fax: +1 858 385 0872
D&K Engineering, Inc.
15890 Bernardo Center Drive
San Diego, CA 92127

Xennia is a major driving force in the world of inkjet printing, with over 16 years in the industrial inkjet industry. As the world's leading industrial inkjet solutions provider, Xennia revolutionises manufacturing processes by implementing reliable digital solutions for a range of industrial applications. Xennia solutions comprise inkjet modules, systems and inks.
Contact: Hannah O'Brien
Sales & Marketing Director
Tel: +44 1462 705220
Fax: +44 1462 705221
Xennia Technology Ltd
Monroe House
Works Road
Hertfordshire SG6 1LN

ImageXpert Inc.
ImageXpert Inc., the world leader in vision-based inspection systems and solutions for the inkjet market, offers systems for measurement of drops-in-flight, wetting visualization, jet sustainability/life testing, and print quality assessment.
Contact: Yair Kipman
Tel: +1 603 598 2500
Fax: +1 603 598 2687
ImageXpert Inc.
460 Amherst Street
NH 03063

  3:00 p.m. Break in Exhibit Area

  4:00 p.m. Technology Suppliers' Presentations

Meteor is dedicated to enabling textile, ceramic, graphics, packaging and commercial print applications through the provision of world-leading inkjet drive electronics and software. Meteor is a division of TTP, a 300-strong technology and product service company.
Contact: Graham King
Printer Business Development
Tel: +44 750-331-8211
Skype: king.graham
Meteor - Division of The
Technology Partnership plc

Melbourn Science Park
Herts SG8 6EE

Global Inkjet Systems
GIS offers a complete package of software drivers and electronics hardware for industrial inkjet printheads. We are experienced in large scale single-pass & scanning systems development and our print engine enables multi-printhead, multi-resolution control; sophisticated image layout with high speed variable data support; fully featured waveform generation; parameter optimization tools for print quality enhancement. Our single source solution gets customers to market faster.
Contact: Debbie Thorp
Business Development Director
Tel: +44 1223 421522
Cell: +44 7967 461931
Global Inkjet Systems Ltd
St. John's Innovation Centre
Cowley Road
Cambridge CB4 0WS

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants (FFIC) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance aqueous colorants and inks for the inkjet market. With an enviable track record in product innovation, and extensive manufacturing capabilities, FFIC brings true innovation and manufacturing scale to ink jet material supply.
Contact: John Spych
Business Manager
Tel: +1-302-477-8023
Fax: +1-302-477-8025
FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants Limited
233 Cherry Lane
New Castle
DE 19720

Ink Mill
High quality ink jet ink manufacturer Ink Mill Corporation's latest technology offers best in class ink solutions for Solvent Based, UV Curable, LED UV Curable and BIO-Solvent based inks. We also offer pre & post coatings (including "jet-able" primers) & custom Graphics & Industrial inks. Let our experienced staff meet your needs.
Contact: Stephen Mills
Tel: +1-603-217-4144
Ink Mill Corporation
6 Bay Road
NH 03269

Based in Charleston, SC, Marabu North America LP is a subsidiary of Marabu GmbH & Co, a leading global manufacturer of screen, digital and pad printing inks. Marabu is recognized by customers and the industry for technical service, customer training and environmental awareness. The company employs more than 440 people worldwide. Its distribution partners exclusively represent Marabu in over 70 countries around the world.
Contact: Bob Keller
General Manager
Tel: +1-843-886-0094
Marabu North America, L.P.
2460A Remount Road
North Charleson
SC 29406


Mergers, Acquisitions & Capital Raises for Industrial Ink Jet
Dr. Kenneth D. Stack, President, Proximus, LLC, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Dr. Kenneth D. Stack, President, Proximus
  • Recent Deals in the Industrial Ink Jet Space
  • Why all the Activity & What are Acquirers Looking For?
  • Why do Publicly Traded Companies Pay So Much for Small Ink Jet Technology Companies?
  • Capital Raises: Venture Capital vs. Strategic Investors
  • Sell or Raise Capital: Considering Your Options

  6:00-7:30 p.m. Reception in Exhibit Area

  Thursday, September 6, 2012

  8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.Exhibits Open

  8:30 a.m. Ink Jet Tech Talk

Designing for Ink Jet: Best Practices for Design & Color Quality
Mary K. Schilling, Digital Applications Manager, Finch Paper, Glens Falls, New York
Mary Schilling, Digital Applications Manager, Finch Papers
  • Unique Challenges
  • Make Your Projects Smart, Creative & Great Looking
  • Best Practices for
    - Maximizing Color
    - Managing Dot Gain & Dot Size
  • Influence of Printheads & Ink Chemistry
  • Practical Methods to Inspire, Inform & Help Drive Results

Techniques for Manufacturing Ceramic Ink Jet Inks
Santiago Requena, Managing Director, NETZSCH España, S.A. , Barcelona, Spain
Santiago Requena, Managing Director, NETZSCH
  • Ceramic Ink Jet Industry: Growth in Europe
  • What is Ceramic Ink Jet Printing: Why is it a Benefit to the Industry
  • What is Ceramic Ink Jet Ink: Comparison to Other Ink Jet Ink
  • Process to Make Ceramic Ink Jet Ink: Difference from Conventional Ink Jet Ink
  • Equipment used to Process Ceramic Ink Jet Ink: Features ,Benefits, Advantages
  • Conclusions & Future Prospects

  10:00 a.m. Technology Suppliers' Presentations

Ricoh Printing Systems America provides indusrial strength, stainless steel ink jet print heads to OEMs with demanding applications in wide format graphics, 3D modeling, ceramics and specialty fluid dispensing.
Contact: Joseph J. Ryan
Business Development Manager
Tel: +1-805-578-4117
Fax: +1-805-578-4299
Ricoh Printing Systems America, Inc.
Ink Jet Technology Division
2390-A Ward Avenue
Simi Valley
CA 93065-1875

Collins Ink
Collins Ink has 22+ years of experience formulating standard and specialty Water, Solvent, Oil, UV and LED curing inkjet inks for Piezo, Continuous & Thermal inkjet technologies.
Contact: Chris Rogers
Business Dev / Sales
Tel: +1-513-948-9000
Fax: +1-513-948-8900
Collins Ink Corporation
1201 Edison Drive
OH 45216

Amica Systems
Amica Systems develops and manufacture high speed piezo inkjet digital press, flat-bed UV, and wide-format graphics printers for industrial applications. Amica offers RIP, application software, hardware, and turn key industrial print systems for a wide array of applications, such as textile, decorations, labels, coding, marking, variable data, and security printing.
Contact: Jim Chang
Tel: +1-949-748-1578
Fax: +1-714-730-8079
Amica Systems
18 Technology, Suite 147
CA 92618

  10:45 a.m. Break in Exhibit Area

  11:15 a.m. Technology Suppliers' Presentations

Xerox offers a wide range of office printing solutions providing flexibility and advanced features. Many of these use Xerox's unique Solid Ink Technology. Though this inkjet technology was originally developed for office printing, the printheads, inks and other related technologies have proven to be valuable in a wide array of "non-document" industrial application. The role of the Xerox Inkjet Technology Business Development team is to identify, develop and support new applications of our internally developed technology.
Contact: David Tait
Inkjet Technology Business Development
Tel: +1-503-685-3093
Xerox Corporation
26600 SW Parkway Avenue
MS 7060-620
OR 97070

Sawgrass Industrial
Sawgrass Industrial offers high quality, aqueous pigment and dye sublimation inks, equipment, software, and media for profitable digital textile print production.
Contact: John Ingraham
Global Marketing Director
Tel: +1-843-884-1575 x2402
Fax: +1-843-849-3847
Sawgrass Industrial
2233 Highway 17 North
Mount Pleasant
SC 29466

Baker Hughes
Baker Hughes Specialty Polymers is a leading producer of low molecular weight polymers and waxes. Product benefits for digital printing applications include lubrication, dispersion, water resistance, low temperature release, and enhanced system compatibility.
Contact: Sandy Mitton
Global Industry Manager
Imaging & Coatings
Tel: +1-262-252-4621
Baker Hughes Specialty Polymers
12645 West Airport Boulevard
Sugar Land
TX 77478

  12:00 Noon Luncheon


Labeling & Product Decoration: Ink Jet Trends & Opportunities
Corey Reardon, CEO & President, AWA Alexander Watson Associates, Chicago, Illinois, USA & Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Corey Reardon, CEO & President, AWA Alexander Watson Associates
  • Worldwide Labeling & Product Decoration Markets
  • Market Volume Characteristics
  • Growth Trends
  • Today's Printing Technologies
  • Ink Jet Growth & Opportunities
  • Future Trends

  2:15 p.m. Technology Suppliers' Presentations

Diamond Dispersions
Diamond Dispersions are the authority in ultrafine pigmented dispersions for inkjet applications. From desktop and wide format, to photo gloss, textiles, industrial packaging and labeling, Diamond Dispersions have developed a suite of meticulously-crafted dyes and dispersions to suit every inkjet application. Diamond Dispersions are represented in North America by Charkit Chemical Corporation.
Contact: Sue Wright
Business Development Manager
Tel: +44-114 263 5380
Diamond Dispersions
Prince of Wales Road
Sheffield S9 4DZ

Charkit Chemical Corporation
Charkit Chemical Corporation offers a wide range of products to the specialty chemical, flavor and fragrance, personal care, food, pharmaceutical, imaging, printing, coating, water treatment and metal treatment industries, among others. In addition to representing Diamond's Inkjet Dispersions, Charkit also offers Corrosion Inhibitors, Photoinitiators, UV Stabalizers, Antioxidants and Specialty Vegetable Oils to the Inkjet, Photographic and Offset Lithographic Printing markets.
Contact: Sean D. Maggert
Contact: Linda Crosby
Tel: +1- 203-299-3220
Charkit Chemical Corporation
32 Haviland Street
CT 06854

SunJet has for more than 10 years been a leading global supplier of premium, high-quality ink jet inks for industrial and commercial print applications. SunJet offers strong technical capabilities and industry knowledge by leveraging the market strength of its parent company, SunChemical Corporation, and DIC, world leaders in products and services for print.
Contact: Peter Saunders
Global Business Manager-Digital
Tel: +44 1761 408511
Norton Hill
Midsomer Norton
Bath, BA3 4RT

Finch Paper
Printers trust Finch Paper to deliver better color, greater consistency and faster speeds for digital collateral, books, transpromo printing and direct mail. Our integrated mill ensures environmental integrity, while our size allows for collaborative solutions, flexibility and just-in-time delivery. Finch Paper sets itself apart by providing engineered products, technical expertise and service solutions that help customers react to a changing print world.
Contact: Sheldon Spicer
Director of Digital Sales
Tel: +1-518-793-2541 ext 5809
Finch Paper
One Glen Street
Glens Falls
NY 12801

Xaar Americas
Xaar is the leading independent supplier of industrial inkjet printheads, inks and peripheral equipment, and inventor of the revolutionary 'Hybrid Side-Shooter' printhead, the Xaar 1001. Our specialist technology and expertise ensure a rapid route to market for inkjet printer developers - we provide robust, high-quality inkjet printheads and approved inks, a range of complementary peripherals, engineering support and an approved Integrator network.
Contact: Chris Lynn
VP Sales & Marketing
Tel: +1-770-509-4888
Fax: +1-210-525-1083
Xaar Americas Sales Office
2265 Roswell Road
Suite 100
GA 30062

Genix Corporation offers off-the-shelf, industrial grade inkjet scanning system for OEMs to integrate into future printers. The system includes all necessary components including new high-resolution, robust piezo printheads, controllers, API for interface UIs, etc. OEMs can easily benefit from building a printer using our existing tools and parts, saving development cost and achieving faster time to market.
Contact: Steve Park
Tel: +822 425 6614
Genix Corporation
227-14 Bangidong

  3:30 p.m. Break in Exhibit Area

  4:00 p.m. Technology Suppliers' Presentations

NETZSCH Premier Technologies
NETZSCH specializes in machinery for grinding and dispersion of ink jet inks. We have been an innovative technology leader in batch and continuous process equipment for over 130 years. Optimal results are achieved when using NETZSCH Beads®. The combined resources of NETZSCH, Premier Mills and NETZSCH Beads® offer total system solutions.
Contact: Steve Miranda
Sales Director, North America
Tel: +1-610-280-1220
NETZSCH Premier Technologies, LLC
125 Pickering Way
PA 19341

Pivotal Resources
We operate at the forefront of ink jet technology, working for vendors and users world-wide. We assist in defining and reviewing product strategies, support the development of new products and processes, and help our clients gain market position. Our clients include many familiar names. Among our services and activities are Directions, our ink jet patent review service and the Ink Jet Academy course.
Contact: Mike Willis
Managing Director
Tel: +44 1223 235900
Fax: +44 1223 235901
Pivotal Resources Ltd
11 Glebe Way
Cambridge CB24 9HJ

AtomJet specialises in the design and build of Ink Jet printing machines. Examples of past projects include 3D-Printing, Bio-Printing and Drops in Flight Analysis. We also provide consultancy services to trouble-shoot or optimise third-party systems such as Digital Web Presses.
Contact: Rob Harvey
Global Marketing Director
Tel: +44 1223 236922 Mobile: +44 7967 461941
AtomJet Ltd
West Barn, Manor Offices
Milton Road, Impington
Cambridge CB24 9NG

Vexajet specializes in practical solutions to complex problems in ink jet technology applied to industrial printing and digital fabrication.
Contact: Dr. Ross N. Mills
President & Director of Technology
Tel: +1-303-527-1256
6560 Odell Place
CO 8030


The Future of Printing: The Changing Print Landscape
Julie Shaffer, Vice President, Digital Technologies, Printing Industries of America, Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Julie Shaffer, Vice President, Digital Technologies, Printing Industries of America
  • To Paraphrase Mark Twain: Reports of Print's Death have been Greatly Exaggerated!
  • Snapshot of Printing Segments Today & How they are Evolving
  • Trust, Likes & Longevity: What People Really Think about Print Today
  • Print Goes Way Beyond Ink on Paper!
  • Key Areas
    - 3D Printing: Real Life Applications & Wild Ideas for Future
    - RFID & Printed Electronics: Inventory Control is Just the Beginning
    - Integration of Print & Mobile Devices: The Mobile Connection
    - Personalization: Ace that Turns Databases into People

 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Reception in Exhibit Area

 7:30 pm Adjournment

Media Partners

American Printer
American Printer, a division of the OutputLinks Communications Group, has been serving graphic arts professionals since 1883 with an unbiased perspective on the business trends and technical innovations and real-life strategies for boosting productivity and profitability. American Printer delivers information to its readers in a new B2MeMagazine platform that represents the best in print-based, cross media communications.

Digital Textile
Digital Textile is the world's only magazine dedicated wholly to textile applications in the rapidly developing field of digital printing. Delivering vital information for both users and suppliers in the industry's three major segments - traditional textiles, flags & banners, and garments - its editorial pages include company and product news, market reports, technical features, profiles, and exhibition and conference reviews.

Display Plus
Display Plus is a high-tech electronic engineering B2B online daily. Covering semiconductor, FPD, LED, lighting, solar/PV and telecom sectors, it blasts industrial e-newsletters to global readers. It also prints special issues in Asian local languages when it joins regional trade shows and conferences as a media sponsor.

With 16 issues per year, Micronews is directly linked to the rhythm of the high-tech markets and their fast paced innovation. Content is our experts' selection of the most critical news affecting the following technology sectors: MEMS, MedTech, Compound Semiconductors, Optoelectronics, Photovoltaics, LED, Advanced Packaging, Nanotechnology, Power Electronics. Discover the Technology Magazines, in-depth focus on 3D packaging, Power Electronics, LED, MEMS and Medtech, published on a rotating basis. Similar content can be found on the news portal

Industrial and Specialty Printing
Industrial + specialty printing - Magazine is the only magazine focusing on functional and decorative printing as part of the manufacturing process, i.e. where the end product is not the print itself, but another final product, Printed images include but are not limited to solar cells, membrane switches, RFID, medical devices with flex circuitry, nameplates, panel fronts, printed electronic components, instruments & gauges.
Output is a diverse and informative online magazine which unites digital signage, traditional sign-making processes, wide-format and production printing in a customisable and active space.

Drawing on the extensive experience of our editorial team and key voices in the industry, Output provides objective news, commentary, features, product reviews and videos about these ever-developing sectors from every point of view.

radTech - The association for Uv & eb Technology
RadTech International North America, a nonprofit organization, is the association for the advancement of ultraviolet and electron beam (UV & EB) technology. RadTech serves as an industry forum, addressing the educational needs of the users and suppliers of UV and EB equipment and materials.

Veritas et Visus
In Latin, "Veritas et Visus" means "Truth and Vision". Our mission is to provide readers with pertinent, timely and affordable information about the flat-panel display industry, with the goal of bringing together news, interviews, conference summaries, tutorials, and analysis. Veritas et Visus offers five specialty newsletters covering Flexible Displays, 3D Displays; Touch Screens; High Resolution; and Display Standards.

Our Media Partners Program is designed to work with relevant publications to increase exposure for both IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012 and the participating publications.

If you would like to receive information about how to become a Media Partner for IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012, please request details via email from Al Keene

IMI Completed Conferences on this Topic

IMI Europe Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2011
June 8-9, 2011, Barcelona, Spain

Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2010
September 8-9, 2010

IMI Europe Ink Jet Technology Suppliers Showcase 2009
June 2-3, 2009, Zurich, Switzerland

Ink Jet Technology Suppliers Showcase 2008
April 16-18, 2008

A Complete Listing of IMI Completed Programs

Ink Jet Technology Integration Short Courses

On Friday, September 7, 2012, IMI offers the following three Ink Jet Technology Integration Short Courses (For complete course details and online registration, follow the links below):

With piezo printheads becoming the key imaging technology for a wide new range of products and manufacturing processes, it is vital to understand how these critical components work. As a developer or user, it is important to recognize when things are not as they should be! Led by Rob Harvey of AtomJet, this course will take you through the basics of piezo materials and their properties, how they are used as actuators within printheads, other aspects of printhead design, printhead operation, crosstalk, reliability and lifetime issue plus the special considerations for deposition and ink jet as a manufacturing process.

Nanotechnology is the current frontier of science, engineering and manufacturing technologies. Led by Dr. Kock-Yee Law of Research and Innovative Solutions, this course will explore the latest advances in key research areas and discuss Nanotechnology?s use to create new features in future printers. Attendees will become familiar with the field?s potential applications - enabling them to be more knowledgeable and productive in their printing research, development and product planning efforts.

Anyone currently working or planning to work in ink jet print space needs to understand how all the process "dots" connect. Led by Mary Schilling of Finch Paper, this course outlines the distinctive elements which make up print quality in the ink jet process. These elements of design (ink, substrate, resolution, drop size and printheads) all interconnect and impact one another - effecting final output quality. The course focuses on current and future technology changes that effect print quality and drive the success of the digital market.

This unique course is an integrated system of lecture and case based teamwork that will help you learn how to choose a better mix of new product development projects to maximize their chance of success and to maximize their value. Led by George Gibson of Xerox Innovation Group, this course will teach you fundamental skills for the entire chain of steps required for successful innovation. This full process focus will improve your ability to identify new product or service opportunities that will have the largest payoffs for your organization.

Hotel Information
IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012 is being held at the Hyatt Rosemont in Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois. Hotel reservations are the responsibility of each program participant. IMI's room rate is only $139 per night and includes in-room internet service. Early booking is advised as the group rate of $139 for single or double occupancy is guaranteed only until August 30, 2012. Hyatt Rosemont, Chicago


IMI has chosen Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois for its central location and great travel connections from within the USA and beyond. Served by over 40 domestic and foreign airlines, Chicago's O'Hare International Airport offers competitive fares and convenient flight schedules. The venue is the Hyatt Rosemont located in Rosemont, Illinois - less than 15 minutes from O'Hare International Airport. The Hyatt Rosemont provides complimentary 24 hour per day airport shuttle service every 30 minutes. The Hyatt Rosemont is also conveniently located for those wanting to drive (over 10 million people in Chicago metropolitan area and over 80 million people within a 500 mile radius) and Hyatt Rosemont provides complimentary parking. Chicago is strategically located in close proximity to many major U.S. cities and manufacturing centers with excellent air, train and highway connections.
Chicago Skyline The boutique-style Hyatt Rosemont offers all you need for a successful stay - beautifully-appointed guestrooms, generous work areas, delicious dining, flexible meeting space and the latest wireless technology. Savor a delicious meal at Networks Restaurant, their newly-renovated restaurant and bar, or order room service and relax in your comfortable hotel suite or guestroom. Conveniently located minutes from O'Hare Airport, this hotel in picturesque Rosemont, Illinois just minutes from downtown Chicago's bustling shopping, nightlife and cultural events. Hyatt Rosemont is located just steps away from Rivers Casino the newest gaming destination in Illinois. Rivers Casino also features multiple food and beverage outlets including Hugo's Frog Bar & Chop House (operated by Gibson's), Flipt Burgers, Mian Asian Cuisine, Canopy Buffet and more!

The Hyatt Rosemont plus the City of Rosemont the Chicago area and the State of Illinois provide an excellent opportunity to extend your visit into a memorable vacation experience. Dress for IMI's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012 will be casual.

The Hyatt Rosemont address is:

Hyatt Rosemont
6350 N. River Road,
Rosemont, Illinois, 60018 USA
Phone: +1-847-518-1234
Fax: +1-847-518-0855
Web Site:

The Numbers: Worldwide Printer & Supplies Market Report
Provided to all Symposium Registrants

Information Management Institute, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has commissioned I T Strategies of Hanover, Massachusetts to prepare a confidential study report entitled "The Numbers: Worldwide Printer and Supplies Market Report" for distribution to all registrants to IMI's programs.

This exclusive market report is updated on an ongoing basis and provides a source of market information based on a consistent methodology and reporting structure. The report authors, I T Strategies, generate this report from their worldwide model of the printer industry.

All registrants to the Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2012 on September 5-6, 2012 at the Hyatt Rosemont will receive a complimentary copy of the latest edition of the "The Numbers: Worldwide Printer and Supplies Market Report."

Registration Update:
Over 175 participants from the following companies and organizations representing twelve countries (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, South Korea, The Netherlands, Spain, UK, Uruguay & US) attended:

3M, ABnoteNA, Akzo Nobel, All American Manufacturing & Supply, American Trim, Amica Systems, APS Engineering, AQUVSOL, AtomJet, AWA, Baker Hughes Specialty Polymers, BASF Corporation, Bell-Mark, Brand M, Caldera, Canon USA, Charkit Chemical Corporation, Collins Ink, Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels-Univ of Colorado at Boulder, D&K Engineering, Delphax Technologies, Deluxe Corporation, Diamond Dispersions, digidirect GmbH, Domino, Dover Corporation, Dow Electronic Materials, Eckart America, EFI, Emerald Performance Materials, Finch Paper, Formacion Digital, FOX IV Technologies, Fujifilm Dimatix, Fujifilm Imaging Colorants, Garino Hnos. S.A., Gemalto, Genix Corporation, Gentex Corporation, Global Inkjet Systems, GreenSheet.BIZ, Hanyang Manufacturing, Heraeus, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, ImageXpert, IMI Europe, Industrial Inkjet, Information Management Institute, Ink Mill Corporation, Ink Systems, Integration Technology, Integrity Industrial ink.jet Inc., Ink Jet Integration, I.T. Strategies, ITW Tech Center, Kane International Corporation, Kay Automotive Graphics, Kirk-Rudy Inc., Kodak, Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation, Lanxess, Marabu North America, Mark Andy, Meteor A TTP Division, Methode Development Corporation, Microcraft, Nazdar Ink Technologies, NETZSCH Spain, NETZSCH Premier Technologies, NewPage Corporation, Oce North America, Oce Printing Systems, Ohio Addressing Machines, Openw Comercial, Pivotal Resources, Plastipak Packaging, Printing Industries of America, MEGTEC Systems, Pentair, Proximus, Powdertech International, Quad Graphics, QuadTech, Quality Engineering Associates, QuickLabel Systems, RadTech, Research and Innovative Solutions, Research in Motion, Ricoh Printing Systems America, Samuel Coding & Labelling, Sawgrass Industrial, Sensient, Siegwerk USA, SICPA Securink Corporation, SII Printek, Speedline Technologies, SunJet, Tekra, UltraSource, Vexajet, VF Jeanswear, Videojet Technologies, Weidmueller Interface GmbH, Wikoff Color, W.L. Gore & Associates, Xaar, Xeikon, Xennia Technology, Xerox Corporation and XiJet Corporation.


The CD for this completed program, containing handout materials from all speakers and handout materials plus a registration list with names, addresses, phone numbers and emails may be purchased for:

$400 US including shipping
Note: $50 Shipping Fee automatically added to non-US, Completed Program orders only.

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